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Oct 4 2017

World War II Vehicles, Tanks, Airplanes, Guns, and Ships #manheim #auto #auctions

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World War II Vehicles, Tanks, Airplanes, and Ships

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29 November 2015,

The La Galissonni re class were available at the beginning of World War II. They didn’t see much combat due to the quick fall of France.

29 November 2015, Italy’s Vittorio Veneto / Littorio class battleships

The Vittorio Veneto was intended to primarily work in the Mediterranean Sea and didn’t have the long range that other battleships had. Though the Vittorio Veneto had potential she was inadequately led and had little to no air support when going into combat.

28 November 2015, France’s Richelieu class battleships

France felt its biggest threat was the Italian Navy and as a result of the Italian’s building new battleships the Richelieu was born. It had all of its main armament concentrated forward.

28 November 2015, Japan’s Yamato class battleships

The IJN Yamato was designed to be superior to any battleship in the world. It was felt if it could be built larger than the ships that could transverse the Panama Canal then the United States would never produce a battleship that could go toe-to-toe with it in battle. Of course for a nation that had to import most of its raw materials, one wonders if the time, effort, and materials that went into the Yamato’s might have been better served in other weapon systems. After all the Yamato only fired its large guns on enemy ships once, and even then it did very poorly.

28 November 2015, Japan’s Kongo class battlecruisers

The IJN Kirishima was one of four Kongo class battlecruisers that were constructed. The first was manufactured in Great Britain and the rest in Japan.

27 November 2015, Germany’s Scharnhorst class battlecruisers

The KMS Scharnhorst was originally going to be armed with 15 guns, but 11 were used due to time constraints.

KMS Scharnhorst firing on the HMS Glorious on June 8, 1940:

US Naval Historical Center, NH-83981

27 November 2015, Great Britain’s King George V class battleships

The HMS Prince of Wales had helped sink the KMS Bismarck but in turn was sunk by Japanese aircraft in December 1941.

HMS Prince of Wales at the top and HMS Repulse at the bottom while under attack from the Japanese:

27 November 2015, Great Britain’s Nelson class battleships

The HMS Nelson and her sister ship the HMS Rodney were unique in having all their main armament forward. It was thought that British ships would never retreat so there was no need for heavy guns aft.

HMS Nelson :

27 November 2015, Great Britain’s Repulse class battlecruisers

HMS Renown’s career spanned 29 years in the Royal Navy. She battled and drove off German battle-cruisers off Norway and bombarded Japanese islands in the Pacific.

26 November 2015, United States’ Saipan class light aircraft carriers

The Saipan class were to be the replacements for the Independence class light carriers but they came too late to see combat in World War II.

22 November 2015, United States’ Midway class aircraft carriers

The Midway class borrowed the concept of an armored carrier from the British. It was to be heavily armored and armed. None of the ships were finished in time to see combat in World War II.

22 November 2015, United States’ Commencement Bay class escort aircraft carrier

The Commencement Bay class of escort carriers came late in the war with many not being finished or cancelled at the end of World War II.

21 November 2015, United States’ Casablanca class escort aircraft carrier

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