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Jun 21 2018

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u verse internet cap

The smartwatch market has fallen short of expectations, but Gartner predicts the segment will see significant growth over the next few years.

U verse internet cap

ATIS hits the pedal on connected car security

To address the need for a comprehensive cyber-approach, ATIS has proposed an end-to-end security framework.

U verse internet cap

Breakthrough could make quantum data transmission a reality

Imagine sending data over the air in the form of light rather than radio waves.

U verse internet cap

The 5G MoNArch project will test-drive real-world applications

The 5G Mobile Network Architecture research project will implement two 5G use cases in real-world test beds.

U verse internet cap

Uplevel debuts real-time trouble ticket alerts for MSPs

One of the most difficult nuts to crack on the differentiated customer service front is being proactive.

U verse internet cap

Samsung s Galaxy Note 8 sports big screen, big price tag

Samsung introduced its fall flagship device, which features a 6.3-inch screen and a price tag that places it firmly at the high end of the market.

U verse internet cap

Virgin offers $1 for year of unlimited to BYO iPhone users

Users who activate their own iPhone through Sprint s prepaid brand can receive a year of unlimited service for $1 as well as a free SIM card.

U verse internet cap

Kymeta drives away from eclipse with renewed focus

Kymeta’s mobile hotspot of a car played a supporting role for the Greenville Police Department during the eclipse on Monday.

U verse internet cap

Jarich—MWC Americas: What would success look like?

How should the wireless industry gauge the success of the first Mobile World Congress Americas show?

U verse internet cap

Can Verizon s network meet demand in the era of unlimited?

Verizon s new unlimited plans may pay off in the short term, but they raise questions about whether the carrier s network can meet demand in the era…

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