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Mar 22 2018

Why is data quality important?

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Data Quality

Why is data quality important?

Data quality is important because we need:

  • accurate and timely information to manage services and accountability
  • good information to manage service effectiveness
  • to prioritise and ensure the best use of resources
  • report to auditors and inspectors who will make judgements about our performance and governance

We achieve good data quality through the following:

  • Governance and leadership – defined roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability for data quality with policies and procedures in place to support the process
  • Systems and processes – in place that secure the quality of data
  • People and skills – train staff so they have the appropriate knowledge, competencies and capacity for their roles
  • Data use – the purpose of collecting and reporting robust, good quality data is to inform management, make improvements to service delivery and to promote accountability to customers, stakeholders, local residents and Government
  • Data security – data collected must be secure and should only be used for authorised purposes

All management information, including financial and performance information, is used by the Council to manage its performance. External bodies use this information to assess our performance and service users; stakeholders and local residents need accessible and reliable information to make informed decisions.

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