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Nov 23 2017

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Best Home Security Systems with Monitoring Services

Security System Reviews

Each year we review over 100 companies. That s right over 100 companies! We look at 14 different aspects of each home security company like price, equipment, warranty and more then rank them. Below are the top 5 home security companies. If you would like to view the entire list, click on the Top 100 home security companies in the menu above. While there are many companies out there, only a select few offer an excellent value of technology, service and equipment. The rankings and ratings expressed on this site are the opinion of our own and are subject to change. To keep this valuable service free, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our rankings.

1st Place Protect America

  • Free Equipment
  • A BBB Rating
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO2

Our Thoughts on Protect America

If you want the best value in home security, then look no further than Protect America. Protect America has pioneered the wireless home security system and self-installation model. They have been in business for over 20 years and are a favorite among consumers who are interested in protecting their home against intruders, fire and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within budget.

The biggest advantage of going with Protect America is that you can choose the type of monitoring as well as customize the equipment with each package they offer. They will allow you to replace a motion sensor for another type of sensor if it makes sense to better protect your home with a different sensor. They have one of the widest range of home security plans in the market and all of their plans come with free equipment.

Protect America offers a wireless security system with a DIY installation model at the most affordable prices. They have a very competitive cellular offering and they use a company called Criticom for their central monitoring station. One of the advantages of Protect America is that they price match any competitive offer. If you are interested in learning more about Protect America give them a call at (888) 305-0285.

2nd Place Frontpoint

  • 100% Cellular
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO2

Our Thoughts on Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers an easy do-it-yourself installation of their 100% cellular systems that takes less than 1 hour to install. Check out our Frontpoint review page to see us go through an actual install. If you need a professional installation, they can do this too, however it s so simple that you won t need too. Their home security systems are 100% wireless so they are perfect for both homeowners and renters alike.

Frontpoint s security systems are monitored by Rapid Response and they provide Interactive services through They ve won multiple awards for their customer service and it s hard to find a single negative review of them. After speaking with customers and researching reviews about Frontpoint you can t find a more reliable and customer friendly company. Their monitoring plans are extremely competitive and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Not many other companies in the industry offer a 30-day risk free trial period.

3rd Place LifeShield Security

  • DIY Installation
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO2
  • Mobile/Web Remote Control

Our Thoughts on LifeShield

LifeShield Security is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they carry and B- rating. This is good but still not as good as an A+ rating like Frontpoint and ADT carry. LifeShield offers cellular wireless home security systems. They have proprietary equipment that includes multiple devices that can signal their central monitoring station in case one of the units is damaged by a burglar. They also have a unique fire protection alert that listens for the sound of a smoke detector going off in the home and sends an alert to the central monitoring station. They have over 20 patents in the home security industry for their equipment and monitoring technology. Since they are not accredited with the BBB and the fact they have proprietary equipment they came in 4th place.

4th Place Vivint

Visit Our #1 Pick

  • Professional Installation
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO2

Our Thoughts on Vivint

Vivint is the high-end of home security and home automation and they do an excellent job at incorporating them both into a single solution. Vivint s smartly designed systems control your lighting, HVAC, appliances, video and home security. They have a mobile application where you can adjust the environment of your home. They also use high quality equipment from 2GIG and Honeywell with touchscreen control panels. Similar to ADT, Vivint offers a professional installation only. Vivint has a solid offering but at a higher price point we felt it was too much plus their BBB rating isn t quite as good as the others.

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