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Aug 31 2017

Web Design Courses – Find Colleges that Offer Web Design #college #web #design


Web Design Courses

What is Web and Digital Design?

Web and digital design is the area of study and practice that is responsible for the construction and implementation of web pages for the purpose of publishing materials such as documents, sound files, images and others. Individuals in this field will have a cross section of design and technical skill, utilizing both to produce navigable pages that meet the needs of clients and accurately and effectively disseminate the information desired.

Educational Requirements

Though it is not necessary to have a post secondary education in this field, an education in design or web development is available, and often useful in procuring employment. Individuals may go to design schools, colleges, community colleges, or trade schools to receive an education in design and/or web programming, earning either an associate or bachelor s degree in the process. Though higher level degrees are available, they are rarely pursued by those looking to enter this field, and as such programs typically take between one and four years to complete. As the field begins to grow and develop, the necessity for at least a bachelor s degree is expected to become more common.

A curriculum may include:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JAVA Implementation
  • Principles of Web Design
  • Commercial Design

Employment Opportunities and Job Growth

Employment options in this field are many, and with the growth of technology and the speed of communication, much of the work may be performed remotely, particularly for individuals who work freelance. Others may choose to work for a design firm, or maintain a specific company s website or family of sites. Due to the high demand of quality work and the need to present a strong presence on the web, growth in the field is expected to increase rapidly over the decade. Additionally, the increased interactivity with websites and the development potential of new technologies means that more opportunities are expected to spring forward as older sites are reworked to meet modern tastes.

Salary and Related Fields

The average salary of a web designer is nearly $78,000 annually. This is due to the amount of expertise and experience necessary to be able to construct and maintain a website, as well as having the secondary design background in order to ensure that the site is aesthetically pleasing while remaining functional. Another reason is the reliance on businesses both large and small on ensuring they maintain a web presence, resulting in salaries that reflect that necessity. This reliance is only expected to increase as the mobile space requires a secondary presence through smartphones and other devices.

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