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May 29 2017

Water slide rentals in Phoenix Az. Huge Waterslide rental #apartment #for

#water slide rentals

Water slide rentals Az

Wet Water slide rentals in phoenix Az

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Water slide rentals around $189 in Phoenix, Avondale and Surprise AZ!

Summer is here for people in phoenix Az and Inflatable water slides are a great way to cool off. Water slide rentals in phoenix Az is becoming very popular. This is a perfect websites to check out for inflatable water slide rentals in phoenix.

If you want a huge waterslide or a big water slide for a fair price and not get ripped off, Call the phone # at the bottom of this page. Waterslide inventory and prices can be found on this page:

In phoenix Az people love going to water parks and or playing on waterslides.

Bounce Then Slide party rentals has huge inflatable slides for rent in phoenix. Its hot in phoenix and a great way to cool off this summer is to rent a wet slide. A 16 foot tall water slide fits most back yards and is normally about 30 feet long and 14 feet wide. They normally rent for about $250 for 4 hours. Bounce then slides water slide rentals rents a 16 foot water slide all day for $250 so you get to keep it a lot longer

Bounce house rentals water slide rentals in phoenix Az

Bounce house rentals in phoenix are a lot of fun. check out bounce then slide, They rent many types of bounce houses for children partys and adult partys. If you need table rentals or chair rentals Bounce then slide has that too. In phoenix bounce houses are not a good choice to rent because of the heat. Waterslides are extremely fun and keeps you cool in the heat. Winter time and spring is the best for bounce houses in phoenix.

When looking to rent a water slide there are many things to consider. Safety is always important. Make sure when renting inflatable slides you choose one with the top platform of the water slide is netted off so kids cant fall out. Quality is important of both the water slide and the company you rent from. Make sure the pool to the water slide has a pad under it. Lots of water slide rentals do NOT include pads under the pool and kids get hurt when sliding down and hit the bottom of the pool with no pad.

We have low price water slide rentals in phoenix Az. There water slide rentals are all day rentals so your not charged by the hour. You get to keep it all day!

Our phone # is 602-774-4226 OR 623.255.9559

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