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May 28 2017

Top 469 Complaints and Reviews about Alamo Car Rental #houses #for #rent #in #miami

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Consumer Complaints Reviews

It appears to be a common practice that both these companies as well as National Car Rental are part of a plot to deceive, fabricate, and extort by intimidation if you rent a car without taking on the additional insurance. Two instances in less than 8 weeks involving a 3 or 4 day car rental at JFK in New York resulted in a letter received claiming damage was done to their car while in my possession. No damage was done. The car was examined when it was picked up and then again when it was returned.

We picked up a car at the Atlanta Intl Airport. We purchased a rental for 14 days for a full size car. There were 7 to select from, one being a mini van. Since normally a mini van would be an upgrade, we decided to choose the mini van. I loaded three heavy suitcases in the back and two carry-ons. I noticed when I went to get in that the undercarriage of the van was full of mud. It looked as though someone had driven it through a wet field. When I opened the doors the interior was filthy. The floors were stained, there was ketchup all over the door. Absolutely filthy. When we called the Alamo service representative, he agreed and said it should not have been there. We could take another vehicle.

Maybe Alamo should worry more about how their representatives handle a justified complaint than how they look. This man’s pompous attitude was appalling. He needs to go through a new training seminar because he obviously didn’t learn much from the one he went through. I took pictures of the condition of this vehicle and will be posting them online. You would have to see it to believe it. We will definitely do all that we can not to use Alamo again due to their poor customer service.

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