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Jan 31 2018

Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Siege PC Code – Uplay CD Key, uPlay Key

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Product Description


Available: Year 2 Pass here
Also Available: Gold Weapons Skin Pack DLC here

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the upcoming installment of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio for the next generation of consoles and PC.

Inspired by the reality of counter-terrorist operatives across the world, Rainbow Six Siege invites players to master the art of destruction. Intense close-quarters confrontations, high lethality, tactics, team play, and explosive action are at the centre of the experience.

The multiplayer gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege sets a new bar for intense firefights and expert strategy in the rich legacy of past Rainbow Six games.

Counter-terrorist operatives are trained to handle extreme situations, such as hostage rescue, with surgical precision. As ‘short range’ specialists, their training is concentrated on indoor environments. Operating in tight formations, they are experts of close-quarters combat, demolition, and coordinated assaults.

The siege gameplay

For the first time in Rainbow Six. players will engage in sieges, a brand new style of assault. Enemies now have the means to transform their environments into strongholds: they can trap, fortify, and create defensive systems to prevent breach by Rainbow teams.

To face this challenge, players have a level of freedom unrivalled by any previous Rainbow Six game. Combining tactical maps, observation drones, and a new rappel system, Rainbow teams have more options than ever before to plan, attack, and diffuse these situations.

Destruction is at the heart of the siege gameplay. Leveraging Ubisoft Montreal’s proprietary Realblast engine, players now have the unprecedented ability to destroy environments. Walls can be shattered, opening new lines of fire, and ceilings and floors can be breached, creating new access points. Everything in the environment reacts realistically, dynamically, and uniquely based on the size and caliber of bullets you are using, or the amount of explosives you have set. In Rainbow Six Siege. destruction is meaningful, and mastering it is often the key to victory.

Product Information

Release Date: 1st December 2015
Platform: uPlay
Region: Worldwide
Language: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Works. Review by James

So once again this site comes in with cheaper prices then even the Autumn sale
i was frustrated that i did not buy this and missed the sale by a few minutes while i was researching to see if i would actually like the game or not.
Not only did i find it on sale here but actually even cheaper then it was on Steam
Which ok it is a Uplay key. But even if you bought it on steam ud be forced to play threw uplay so in a way the only bad thing is now i cannot use my steam funds to purchase items for it but not big deal =3

Very Cheap Once again. Instant Key in email Yet Another Satisfied Purchase (Posted on 30/11/2016) Wow. Just. WoW Review by Lyro.A

I have to admit,,at first, i doubted this site. I’ve been enjoying this game since it had it’s first free weekend(i think). I’ve always wanted this game but it was so expensive. I think it’s $60. so i came upon this site and saw it had 5 stars from all 30 reviews(30 PEOPLE BOUGHT IT AND IT GOT ALL 5 STARS!!) So i thought why not give it a try since it cost almost $19 compared to it’s original price. Purchased it, got a verification from with email. Confirmed the verification key and got the CdKey. i know this seems confusing but trust me(i meant all of us who bought this game from this site) THIS IS LEGIT. (Posted on 20/11/2016) Very Good Pleased Review by Nelzon_lz

I remember watching videogamedunkey’s video of him playing the Alpha version of this game earlier this year (or was it last year? I don’t remember). It was full of bugs and wacky glitches, but man it sure looked fun.
Fast-forward to a few weeks ago. I got a new GTX 980Ti, and was able to get the game for free about 3 days before release. Also turns out they were having Open Beta that weekend, too!

I tried it out, and man was it fun. It’s very different than your typical shooter. I mean, you’ve still got the same movements, gunplay, and animations. but the way you play the game completely changes.

How the game works is there are 3-5 rounds in a match, and you alternate between Attacking and Defending.

You’re infiltrating the house/building in order to either extract a hostage, defuse a bomb, secure a bio-weapon, or just wipe out the enemy team. You start the match with about 30 seconds of driving a little drone to scope out the place. If you find the target, good job! Now it’s marked. If you don’t find it, oh well, you’ll have to search during the attack.

Attackers are safe outside. They can repel up and down walls, and breach through breakable walls or windows. They also have access to their drones at any time during the match (unless it was shot). Attacking is a ton of fun and gives you tons of options as to where you want to come in from.

Your job is to protect the hostage, bombs, bio-weapons, or just wipe out the Attackers (or OPFOR). You start the match by trying to keep the target hidden, by means of setting traps for the drones or just outright destroying them.

The really cool part about defending is when the match starts. Everybody just. shuts up, and listens. Footsteps, creaks, explosions, gunshots. anything. The game’s audio is amazingly accurate, and you can rely on the direction of a footstep to tell you where the enemy is coming from.

Defenders can barricade windows and doorways with strong but breakable wooden barricades. They also have a limited number of reinforcements they can apply to breakable walls. Basically, their room is a fort. They can also access security cameras that are in set locations in and outside of the building. though those can be shot, too!

There isn’t much customization to be had in Siege, but the variety of classes or operators is pretty great. Each Operator has a unique ability/weapon/gadget, such as Pulse’s ‘heartbeat sensor’, which can detect enemies through walls for a certain distance, or Ash’s breaching gun, which can destroy a wall/door/window from far away. The game is balanced pretty well, and each team is usually pretty varied in operator choices.

What amazes me most is just how well the game works. The audio, which lets you hear where and what something is. The teamwork, where people actually communicate and coordinate attacks and defenses. The strategy, where you have drones and cameras and destructible environments. The speed and tension, where each match never lasts over a few minutes, yet, you look up after awhile and realize you’ve been playing for 5 hours straight. again!

Out of all the new first-person-shooters to launch in 2015, Rainbow Six: Siege is the one to choose if you want to experience something truly new to the genre.

And no, before you ask, I’m not an Ubisoft rep or anything. I just really love the game.

9/10. (Posted on 18/12/2015) Very fun game Review by DankSouls

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