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Sep 30 2017

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On-Site Technical Training

This is classroom-style training delivered by GM-certified Fleet instructors at your fleet’s location. Our programs are tailored for specific Fleet vehicles and are designed for Fleet technicians. Past or current models can be featured, based on the vehicles in your fleet and the training you request.

The GM Fleet and Commercial Technician Training Program offers:

  • Customized content developed to meet the needs of your fleet and your specific vehicle lines
  • Instructional Skills: Train the Trainer Programs
  • Hands-on technical assistance during the on-site training sessions
  • Hands-on, instructor-led, system courses and GM Fleet-specific courses delivered on-site at your location
  • $215 fee per day per student

Existing instructor-led courses available for immediate delivery are as follows:

  • Allison Transmission Series 1000 (#87340.01H)
  • Electrical Systems Overview and Diagnostic Principles (88043.01H)
  • CNG/LPG Systems Overview (#86240.65H)
  • Chevrolet Impala Police Package* (#80241.01H)
  • Chevrolet Caprice Police Package (#80441.03H)
  • Tech 2 Familiarization (#83041.01H)
  • Duramax 6600 Diesel Engine Familiarization* (#86340.01H)
  • GM Body Controls (#88044.01H)
  • GM Engine Performance (#86044.01H)
  • Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Systems (#82048.01H)
  • HVAC (#81044.01H)
  • GM Base Brakes and ABS (#85040.01H)
  • 6T45, 6T65 and 6L80 Transmission Overview (#87041.01H)
  • 4L60/80E 4T40/65/E Transmissions (#87041.05H)
  • GM Service Information (#80041.01H)
  • G-Van Familiarization
  • Two Mode Hybrid System Overview (#88446.00H)
  • Chevrolet Volt System Overview (#88420.00H)
  • eAssist System Overview (#88078.00H)
  • Service Information, Tech 2 and Foundation Brakes (#80041.01H)
  • GMLAN, Body Controls and Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Systems (#88044.05H)
  • Anti-lock Brakes and Tire Pressure Monitoring (#85045.01H)
  • Medium Duty Truck C-Series Electrical System (#85080.05H)
  • Medium Duty Truck — Hydraulic Braking System (#85080.01H)

GM Service Technical College

We’ll provide your fleet with the same high-performance training that is available to GM dealership service technicians. The performance-based content is delivered through a blended learning curriculum available to fleets. GM Service Technical College (STC) utilizes the latest in training technology to effectively support the complex and emerging training requirements for service personnel with the objective to enhance the GM technician’s ability to fix it right the first time.

The GM STC utilizes a combination of delivery components to provide highly effective and inexpensive technician training. The different blended learning components available through the GM STC are as follows:

  • Web Based Training (WBT)/CDROM Based Training (CBT)
    • WBT courses are currently available to any previous attendees of Center of Learning courses via the Center of Learning website
    • CBT Course Catalog is available online at
  • Training Center Hands-On Performance Based classes
    • Delivered at 33 locations (space permitting): Training Center Location Map
    • Require prerequisite WBT/CBT and Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) or Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Video courses 1

Hands-On classes, conducted by GM-certified instructors under this program, are offered on a space available basis, providing prerequisite CBT/WBT and IDL/VCT/Video courseware have been completed prior to attendance. Contact one of the Regional Training Centers for more Hands-On course, scheduling and enrollment information.

Chicago: 630-295-6394
Dallas: 972-278-2196
Atlanta: 770-888-1300
Los Angeles: 818-241-1659
New York: 914-631-4950

GM Medium Duty Training Program

For GM Fleet and Commercial technicians working with medium duty trucks, the GM Medium Duty training program has provided thousands of technicians with the support to get the job done efficiently and professionally. The curriculum is a performance-based program that incorporates extensive teaching aids, technology, activities and Hands-On diagnostic applications facilitated by experienced ASE instructors.

The GM Medium Duty training program covers the following models (GMC/Chevrolet T6500-T8500 and GMC/Chevrolet C4500-C8500) and offers instructor-led training classes available at the five regional Centers of Learning.

Available GM Medium Duty Courses are as follows:

  • Tech 2 (#96088.15)
  • Electrical Principles and Diagnostics (#98083.01)
  • HVAC (#91085.10)
  • Eaton/Spicer Manual Transmission (#94082.10)
  • Medium Duty Allison Transmission (#97481.20)
  • Braking Systems: Hydraulic, Air/Hydraulic and ABS (#95080.10)
  • 6.0L / 8.1L Gasoline Engines (#96083.30)
  • DURAMAX Diesel 6600 (#96082.20)
  • Air Brake Systems (#95080.30)
  • Chassis, Suspension and Power Steering (#93081.10)

ACDelco Training

Classroom-style training, delivered by GM certified instructors at 150 ACDelco locations.

Hands-on, instructor-led, system courses 2 that include Air Conditioning, Brakes, Diagnostic Equipment, Electrical/Electronics, Fuel Control and Test Prep for ASE.

Many ACDelco courses cross-credit with similar GM STC courses.

For more information about ACDelco Training and the Key Fleet Program, please visit

Technical Training FAQs

Can Fleet technicians attend GM STC classes at the Center of Learning?

Yes, if space is available and they have completed the required CBT/WBT and IDL portions of the course they want to attend. For example, if a technician wanted to attend the ABS Brakes Hands-On Course at the training center, the technician would be required to first successfully complete the CBT/WBT and the IDL, ABS Brakes courses. The Fleet technician would then be eligible to attend the class at the training center.

For information concerning GM STC training, please call one of the Regional Training Centers:

Chicago: 630-295-6394
Dallas: 972-278-2196
Atlanta: 770-888-1300
Los Angeles: 818-241-1659
New York: 914-631-4950

Can Fleet technicians take Web-Based Training (WBT) classes and Simulations classes online?

Yes, if a Fleet technician has previously registered or has a Legacy ID, then they can go to and follow the instructions to login. Once logged in, a Fleet technician can take any of the WBT or Simulations classes offered.

Note: Your Legacy ID is typically your Social Security Number. Use the link what is my Person ID on the login page of to find your Center of Learning website Person ID and to reset your password.

Who do I contact for more information?

For inquiries about GM STC or GMICT training contact the appropriate Training Center:

Chicago: 630-295-6394
Dallas: 972-278-2196
Atlanta: 770-888-1300
Los Angeles: 818-241-1659
New York: 914-631-4950

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