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May 27 2017

Sunshine Rent-A-Car – Car Rental – 312 W State Rd 84 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

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“The shuttle driver was a bit comical but friendly, courteous and very helpful.” in 3 reviews

“Lauderdale an West Palm Beach. and I could not have been more happy with my decision to use Sunshine Rent-A-Car.” in 2 reviews

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I recently visited south Florida and needed a rental.  A friend told me about Sunshine Rent A Car and said it was the cheapest place you could access through the Ft Lauderdale airport.  Okay, I am all about saving money on stuff I do not want so that I can spend it elsewhere on stud I do want.

When I arrived at the Ft Lauderdale airport I grabbed my baggage and then called Sunshine.  They told me where to go to wait for a shuttle and promised to be there shortly to pick me and my companions up to bring us to the office so we could retrieve our rental.

Yes, it was hot in Florida, nothing like a chilly NorCal day in March, but I was prepared in my tiny sundress and big sunglasses to wait in the sun for Sunshine Rent A Car.  We waited about 8 minutes and our shuttle arrived.  The driver took us to the rental shop where we chose our car, apparently we needed a little more room than I had originally reserved for. but that was A-okay.  The staff helped us into a larger car and had everything we needed to navigate our south Florida vaca.

When we arrived at the office the staff was friendly and welcoming.  The office was well air-conditioned (which is something northern Californians are not accustomed to), the chairs were comfortable and the wait was almost non-existent.

The service was exceptional, and the selection of cars was seriously awesome for such a small place.  The prices truly were better than all the other rental places in and around the airport.  They even helped us with our return since we were departing super early the following week.  We were able to drive to the airport and leave the car in the parking lot there.  Nice.

Stephani Smiles for Sunshine Rent A Car 🙂

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