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Mar 22 2018

Steprider Stairclimbers

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Features Specifications

The Hercules Steprider Powered Stair Climber can outperform any other stair climbing device on the market today. The Hercules Steprider Powered Stair Climber is a proven system used for over thirty years in many applications, throughout the world.
The Hercules Steprider Powered Stair Climber’s advanced system provides all of the essential stair climbing and installation function. Moving loads up or down stairs and around tight landings is accomplished easily and with minimal effort.

Design Development

1 Our equipment design and development encompasses the latest technology available in this country and overseas whilst always having due regard to OH & S issues, Government standards and requirements. In doing so we are also careful to provide solutions which maintain maximum effectiveness in personal or team output. Hercules business is conducted in Australia and New Zealand and consists of our Head Office, Service Division and Warehouse in Sydney and a network of franchised agents, accredited service personnel and distributors inter and intrastate.

Safe Lifting Practices

2 As the unchallenged leader in the field of safe lifting practices, Hercules has now expanded its product base and vision to provide solutions to all aspects of lifting and handling problems including new concepts and perspectives in personal mobility.

This wholly Australian owned Company has set the standards in the development of proactive handling solutions and does so in a thoughtful, consultative manner.

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