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Jun 25 2017

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The Complete SMS Marketing Solution Trusted by Fortune 500s

Text advertising has proven to be the most effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates. And in this age of information saturation, Trumpia’s personalized and targeted SMS marketing software yields more responses than simple text blasting offered by other ordinary texting services. Our Smart Targeting technology builds your brand image too by increasing content relevance unlike others. From short-code mass texts to two-way landline texting, Trumpia offers a powerful array of automated SMS engagement tools and much more.

Mass Texting

Marketing SMS messages requires much more planning than text blasting a broad announcement. Target each recipient with personalized messages and offers no matter how many texts you send. Sell sporting goods? With Trumpia’s SMS text marketing, you can promote golf bags or punching bags based on your customers’ preferences and shopping behavior.

If you already have a subscriber database from prior campaigns, no problem. Import contact information including valuable marketing data such as birthdays and product preferences. Trumpia’s SMS marketing service however does require proof of expressed written consent to send marketing text messages to them.

A short code is a 4- to 6-digit phone number commercially used to send and receive mass text messages. Every plan in our text marketing software provides a shared short code or a dedicated short code upon request.

Mobile keywords are unique words that customers text to opt in to your mobile marketing program. For example, a pizza shop could ask customers to text the keyword “TOPPINGS” to its short code. Trumpia’s text marketing software then automatically captures the customers’ phone numbers for your use in future campaigns with a required disclosure.

After a subscriber texts in your mobile keyword, Trumpia SMS marketing platform auto-responds with a coupon or welcome message that you can customize.

Drive traffic with enticing marketing text messages. Limited-time offers prompt customers to respond in a hurry. Also, create coupon templates that help keep all your promotions consistently branded.

78 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if offered loyalty points. Generate repeat business with a customizable loyalty-rewards program using our text marketing service.

People increasingly prefer texting your business over calling. You may have already been missing messages from your customers when they mistakenly send a text to your business number. Landline texting enables you to send and receive text messages through your Internet browser using your business’s existing landline or toll-free number. Take advantage of mobile SMS marketing without divulging your personal mobile number.

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