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Dec 8 2017

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At Spearfish we manage physical security risks – both on land and at sea – using our knowledge, experience and skills to protect our clients. Many clients have found that they don’t feel as protected as they would like in today’s ever-changing world. As the world becomes more hostile, the nature and types of possible threats are constantly changing. And so, individual and corporate clients require protection and bespoke security to resolve the issues and challenges they face.

How we work

We report directly to clients’ management, providing invaluable advice for companies that don’t have their own in-house security team. Where in-house teams exist, many look to outsource an element of their security where bespoke solutions are required or when operating in niche markets. This provides the benefits of a partner that knows and understands your company, and can make informed decisions to help you keep your people safe and get the job done. Having a team of professional security advisors on hand, who know and understand security challenges in your business environment is an extremely valuable resource.

Lord West Non-Executive Chairman

John Smith Non Executive Director

Dan Hooton Managing Director


International Development

Spearfish deliver individual security solutions for clients operating in complex and high-risk environments. Our bespoke, consultative approach enables us to tailor services to our clients’ needs, responding to the nature of their operations, budget and risk appetite. We have a diverse client base including the international development sector, governments, and NGO’s. Whatever the scale of the intervention – from writing a single travel risk assessment to designing a complete security strategy – our expertise is invaluable for any organisation working in hostile environments or emerging markets.


Spearfish protect businesses by increasing their resilience to adverse events. We help senior management teams and boards to develop a proactive approach to physical security, designing and implementing robust risk frameworks. We train and support individuals and teams both prior to and during travel to high-risk environments. We respond to and manage crises with our clients, enabling recovery in the most effective means possible. In short, we enable businesses to operate in complex and challenging security environments. We use security to add value.


Spearfish protect vessels and crews to an exceptionally high standard using our extensive knowledge and experience. We work with owners, management companies, captains and crews to protect their vessels from a wide range of risks. Spearfish provide a high-calibre service, combining discretion with effective security; our teams have a deep understanding of how to deliver security onboard. Extensive preparation and training with our consultants produces an exceptional level of protection for those onboard, led by the experience of the Spearfish management.

Private client

Spearfish provide discreet security services for individuals on a case-by-case basis to solve their unique security issues. We work with individuals who have unique security concerns, and who wish to engage with a discreet and competent partner. We provide bespoke services to counter threats orientated towards family, leisure and residential scenarios. We have experience of working with principals and their families, and understand the manner in which to deliver these services, which normally fall outside the typical boundaries offered by employers or corporate security teams.

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