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Dec 1 2017

SaaS Providers List: Comparison And Guide #list #of #saas #companies


SaaS Providers List: Comparison And Guide

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud model that delivers on-demand applications that are hosted and managed by the service provider and typically paid for on a subscription basis. SaaS solutions offer a number of advantages over on-premises deployments, including minimal administration and maintenance, anywhere access, and in many cases improved communication and collaboration. Some cloud-based tools will also prove to be more cost effective than their traditional, in-house counterparts.

Today there are SaaS providers specializing in everything from productivity and project management, to security, application monitoring, network monitoring, customer service, help desk and more. There are SaaS solutions built specifically for business functions, like customer relationship management, business intelligence and analytics, and there are tools designed just for IT professionals.

But cloud isn’t built for every scenario so it’s important to consider the pros, cons and risks of utilizing SaaS solutions. We help you get started by outlining the key considerations when evaluating cloud-based tools, and in some cases we delve deeper into comparing the best SaaS providers in different product categories.

Mobile devices, social media and the growing expectations of customers are shifting the way support is handled. Cloud-based solutions promise to transform customer service from a cost center into a profit center, by enabling self-service and brand championship. Today there are dozens of SaaS customer support platforms, some of which extend into marketing tools. We review and compare three popular solutions: ZenDesk Plus, Get Satisfaction and Salesforce’s

SaaS Customer Service Providers Comparison

Today’s cloud office suites offer anywhere access and cost savings over traditional, desktop software. The solutions offer enterprises standardization, resilience, ease of deployment and more. We examine the key elements, differences, as well as pros and cons of cloud-based office suites. We then provide you with a helpful comparison guide to Google Apps for Business, Office 365 and Zoho Office.

Project managers have a number of cloud-based options to manage projects, which can help streamline their tasks and improve collaboration. We evaluate the key features and buying considerations, like portfolio management and application integration. We also offer a side-by-side comparison of four enterprise project management tools in the cloud: Clarizen, GroupCamp, Planzone and Zoho Projects.

SaaS Project Management Buyer’s Guide

SaaS Help Desk Providers

SaaS help desk solutions can streamline support administration, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve the way you communicate with your internal and external customers by extending support to different types of users. When evaluating cloud-based help desk providers, like JitBit, FreshDesk, ZenDesk and consider the ticket management, knowledgebase support, reporting, customization and integration.

SaaS Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide

Cloud-based IT solutions are growing in popularity and the networking space is no short of them. Today’s SaaS network monitoring providers, like Kaseya, LogicMonitor, Montis and Uptrends, can offer topology discovery, device monitoring, reporting, event collection and more. As you consider deploying cloud network monitoring, take into account the advantages and disadvantages that come along with using SaaS.

SaaS Network Monitoring Providers Comparison — Coming Soon

SaaS IT Security Buyer’s Guide

Security as a service providers, like McAfee, Trend Micro, GFI, and Barracuda, offer a range of options, including comprehensive, specialized and targeted functions. A cloud-based security service can help with monitoring and patching, hosted email security and encryption, endpoint protection and more. However, your business is still responsible for maintaining compliance and protecting your data. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for a SaaS security solution.

SaaS IT Security Providers Comparison — Coming Soon

SaaS Application Monitoring Buyer’s Guide

SaaS application monitoring tools offer a wide selection of features and functionality that can help IT administrators effectively monitor and manage large numbers of complex applications. Cloud-based application monitoring also eliminates the need to install, configure and maintain another on-premises solution. As you evaluate your options, consider what the tools offer in terms of tracing and root cause analysis, measuring performance, comparative analysis and more.

SaaS IT Application Monitoring Comparison — Coming Soon

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