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Dec 31 2017

RNY Gastric Bypass Costs and Prices

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RNY Gastric Bypass Costs and Prices

The question about the cost of gastric bypass inevitable comes up when people are researching information on RNY gastric bypass surgery. But unlike facts about gastric bypass, the specific costs can be harder to pinpoint; ranging from calls, to e-mails, and physician visits. The average costs of roux-en-y gastric bypass can range from $8,000 to $25,000 to $35,000. The price fluctuates during the year, and can vary depending on geographical location, experience of the physician, hospital location and more.

Price depends on Location

Unlike United States, having bariatric surgery preformed in Mexico can mean big savings. While the price can hover around $25,000 to $35,000 in the United States, Mexican companies can offer the price below $10,000. A Lighter Me is company that facilitates interaction between Tijuana bariatric physicians and potential Canadian and United States patients. Current pricing for gastric bypass is well under $7,000 per package; package includes: hospital and hotel stay, pre and post op medication, surgery and anesthesia, transportation and more.

But that isn’t the only price in Mexico, the price is more expensive the further you go out into Mexico. Another city known for bariatric surgery is Monterrey, Mexico; its average price is a few thousand higher than A Lighter Me’s. The reason is more than just the cost of travel, but hospital fees. Which leads us to the price charged by hospitals or hospital fees.

Hospital Cost

Sometimes hospitals where the surgery will take place can tack on additional fees. Sometimes there a fixed cost per surgery other times they are relative. Sometimes people can be thrown off that the price of RNY gastric bypass doesn’t include the thousands for hospital fees.


The cost of gastric bypass should be a minor decision in your weight loss journey. You should not pick a surgeon on price alone. You should pick a physician that is qualified, experienced, trustworthy and competent. In comparing the price of gastric bypass it’s important to realize that not all packages are created equal. Some packages only include the surgeon, while transportation and hotel costs are excluded. Be sure to ask an arduous amount of questions to better equip yourself for bariatric surgery. To view more bariatric surgery pricing information please visit our guide to bariatric surgery costs .

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