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Aug 27 2017

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Do you Qualify for Bankruptcy?

When debt has become overwhelming, there is not only ONE answer to help you. RLC will help you consider solutions. At RLC, we understand that every client has a unique set of circumstances that affects their financial life.

Are you Located in Boca Raton or South Florida?

If you are located in the Boca Raton and Palm Beach or South Florida area then you are in luck! Our qualified staff lawyers and attorneys will meet with you for a thorough interview to determine how RLC can help you. We’ll give you a detailed analysis of your options, including if and what type of bankruptcy you qualify for and how it will help you.
Note our practice areas to see which bankruptcy law would best serve you.

Boca Raton Bankruptcy Lawyers at Your Service!

Before you decide, we want you to have the information to choose the financial remedy that is right for you. RLC will help you do just that.

Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Attorneys at Law.

United States bankruptcy law offers multiple ways to restructure or discharge debt, called Chapters. Chapter 7 is relief & liquidation, Chapter 13 is a personal reorganization, Chapter 11 is a more sophisticated reorganization for high-worth individuals or businesses, Chapter 12 for farmers and Chapter 15 for US administration of an Off-shore company.

Considering a Financial Reorganization?

At RLC we have experience assisting businesses and individuals in all forms of bankruptcies. Because we don’t focus on any one chapter. we have developed the skills necessary to help you in any of the available relief offered under the law.

Regardless of which chapter type you file for, you’ll never face creditor harassment alone. As soon as your application is submitted. all credit collection ceases immediately.

Aviation is Extremely Expensive,
Don’t Allow Your Business to Fly Without a Professional

Your RLC bankruptcy attorney will assist you with the entire process from beginning to end. You’ll receive assistance filling out the application and in obtaining necessary documents needed to file. Before filing, you’ll receive a private, non-judgement consultation.

You’ll also have to take a pre-bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy class. These classes are legally mandated and part of the process when filing for bankruptcy. They help to prepare you for the process and for life after bankruptcy.

Once your application has been submitted, eventually a meeting with your creditors will take place. This meeting may or may not include you. However, your attorney will attend this meeting. It is up to you whether or not you attend. The attorney can attend on your behalf, taking the stress off of you entirely.

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Palm Beach Businesses and Corporations Need Sound Legal Advice

Whether your business is you right now, or you lead hundreds, RLC General Counsel services can give you the help you need. RL C provides guidance in company formation and documents, operations, employment, corporate governance and member/shareholder issues. RLC is your counsel to draft and review agreements from assets purchases to employment, real-estate, leases, options and withdrawals.

“Boca Raton Bankruptcy Attorneys at Your Service!”

The best bankruptcy lawyers in Palm Beach County. RLC understands that the best way to succeed is to beat expectations. RLC corporate counsel succeeds for Clients by being responsive, effective and cost efficient. We are experienced in delivering what your growing business needs.

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My business was suffering, I was behind on my payments, and was overwhelmed both financially and mentally. After hearing my woes a local Boca resident referred me over to Tate Russack. After initial contact, Tate scheduled to meet me the next day. The whole process was very professional and as painless as possible. Filing for Chapter 11 with Tate’s help put me on a plan that was very reasonable. My business life is still far from perfect, it’s a work in progress, but it’s getting better by the day!

Credit card bills, car payments, mortgage bills were all stocking up, I reached a point where I was just drowning in debt. Feeling hopeless and miserable I went to google and looked up “Boca Raton Bankruptcy”. After browsing through the list of lawyers and comparing reviews on Avvo I came to calling RLC, P.A. after a initial consultation call he sit up a time for the next day to come speak with him, I was thrilled! After sitting down with Mr. Russack he re-assured me that I was in good hands and proceeded to file a motion for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I rarely give Google Reviews, but after the A+ performance, I knew I had to leave my testimonial. Before I knew it, the whole process was complete. I was given a clean slate and a fresh start. I would recommend Tate to anyone looking into filing for bankruptcy!

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