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Sep 18 2018

Police Jobs Law Enforcement Jobs, law enforcement jobs.#Law #enforcement #jobs

law enforcement jobs

Deputy Chief of Police

Program Manager – HSTI/SLEA

Truck Enforcement Officer

Ranger Police Officer

Armed Security Officer

Auxiliary Police Officer

Chief of Administration

Manager, Suburban Law Enforcement Academy

Lieutenant of Detectives

Criminal Justice Instructor

Marine Unit Deputy

Chief Deputy Sheriff

Police Services Lieutenant

Primary Range Master

Off Duty Officer

Police Records Supervisor

Commander of Police Operations

Assistant Director of Campus Safety

Deputy Sheriff Trainee

Director of Safety,

Police Services Coordinator

Police Administrative Lieutenant

Police Commander – Investigations

Public Safety Director

Director, Campus Safety

Criminal Justice Faculty

Director of Public Environmental Safety

Marketing Director, Criminal Justice

Fielded Police Mentor

Court Security Officer

Federal Air Marshal

Corrections Investigator, Sr

Director of Police

Public Safety Chief

Vice President of Security Operations

Police Services Sergeant

Vice President, Safety and Security

Detention Officer Supervisor

Physical Security Specialist (Inspector)

Director of Investigations

Campus Security Officer

Director of Security

Immigration Enforcement Agent

State Peace Officer

Protective Services Trainee

Special Agent (Federal)

Uniform Division Officer (Federal)

Nuclear Security Officer

Director of Safety Security

Management Services Director

Assistant Police Chief

Police Aviation Manager

Park Police Supervisor

Division Security Manager

Security Training Fingerprinting

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