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Nov 29 2017

Opal Rings by Laszlo’s Opals Jewelry. Australian Opal Ring and Inlay Jewelry Specialists!

For custom made opal inlay rings, please allow up to 14 days for manufacture.

Opal Rings Information:

Photos do not do justice to the color play displayed by opal. As an opal is moved, the colors can flash, sparkle, roll or change. Different lighting conditions often result in different hues being displayed. These factors make opal a unique, beautiful gem! Opal rings demonstrate the colour play of opal because the colors flash and sparkle with movement of the hands. In my opinion, it is the infinite variety of color and pattern that makes opal special. Opal has more variety than any other gem and is therefore suited to a wide range of different tastes and preferences. Opal has two levels of color, the base (or background) color and the pattern color (seen as a play of color within a distinctive pattern). Base color ranges from crystal clear through translucent blues or greens, to opaque, pearly white and darker colors through to black. The pattern colours seen overlying the base color of opal can roll, flicker or change as the opal is moved. These colours have great variety, from pastels to bold hues that can cover the entire spectrum of color from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. With so much variety, it is understandable that there is an opal out there for everybody! – Laszlo

We use the brightest available crystal opals when manufacturing our inlaid rings and opal jewelry. All inlaid stones are carefully selected to deliver the best possible result. Our experience and attention to detail results in beautiful jewelry, as indicated by the complimentary e-mail messages we constantly receive from our many satisfied customers.

Our opal rings and inlay jewelry are priced well below our retail competitors. Compare our prices and see for yourself. How do we do it? Simple – all of our products are manufactured in-house and we do not have the added overheads of a retail outlet. By selling direct through our website we can offer real value for money. Our geographical location is ideally situated, in close proximity to many of the world’s largest and most famous opal fields – Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Mintabie, and more recently Lambina Station! Our many years of experience enable us to procure the type of opal that results in beautiful inlaid and traditional opal jewelry.

Do you have a jewelry design that you would like manufactured with opal? Email a picture of your design to us and we can return a very competitive price for a completed piece of jewelry with solid or inlaid opal, with diamonds if required. We have often worked with customers via email, desiging jewelry designed using drawings and graphics software with digital images of the actual stones used in the piece. When the design looks right to our customer, we are able to manufacture with confidence. We have found this to be an excellent technique for designing a special piece of jewelry because our customer plays an important role in the design process.

Care of opal inlay rings

All opal in Laszlo’s Opals and Jewelry opal inlay is solid, untreated natural opal mined in Australia. The crystal opal in Laszlo’s inlay jewelry is inlaid precisely into the finding using modern inlay techniques, highlighting the natural beauty of the opals.
A little care is required to maintain opal inlay jewelry, in turn providing many years of enjoyment. Opal is a durable precious stone, but can chip if dropped onto a hard surface such as concrete. Avoid repeated exposure of inlay jewelry to chemical cleaners and strong detergents which may, over time react with the opal inlays.
Opal inlay rings should not be re-sized, as the process of enlarging the ring’s band may exert unacceptable pressure on the opal resulting in damage to the stone.
Opal jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and a little mild detergent and rubbed with a soft cloth.

Sizing of Opal Rings

It is highly recommended that sizes for opal rings be determined using a professional style metal ring sizer as used by the jewelry trade. This will ensure an accurate measurement of finger size. Although this may be difficult when purchasing as a surprise gift, it is better to be sure of the correct size and avoid the inconvenience of exchanging the ring because of a measurement error. Plastic measuring devices should be avoided because they can either warp or stretch over the joints of a finger causing inaccurate measurement. Another accurate method of determining finger size is to use a jewelers ring measuring mandrel to measure an existing ring. This method is preferable to measuring ring width and calculating size because rings can warp over time giving a different measurement across each axis.

Polished opals are weighed in carats. 1 carat = 1/5th of a gram. (1 gram = 5 carats).

Delivery Currency Information:

All prices include insured Airmail delivery.
For FEDEX International priority 3 day delivery, our order form will add AU$50.00.

International Customers please note:
Prices shown are in Australian dollars. To convert Australian dollars to US Dollars or any other currency, please click the currency converter link.
All prices include freight via insured airmail for international customers, or registered mail for Australian customers.

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB or Bankcard. Click here to place a secure, online order, or phone us
on 61 8 7226 2943 if you need further details.

Australian Customers please note:
Listed prices do not include GST, which is added to your order automatically at the checkout.

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