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May 1 2018

Online Masters Degree Nutrition

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Please Note:
This is not a registered dietitian program and a verification statement cannot be provided upon completion of the program.

Designed specifically for individuals with undergraduate degrees in health science, dietetics, or a related area, the applied nutrition master’s degree offers an opportunity to build upon this existing clinical knowledge. The online version of the program makes it easier for students already working in various health fields to continue to meet their professional commitments even as they improve their knowledge and skills.

Like its on-campus counterpart, the online Master’s in Applied Nutrition program is led by real-world practitioners, including dietitians, an exercise scientist, and a clinical psychologist. Together they provide a solid grounding in nutrition, metabolism, disease prevention, health promotion, and clinical behavior. The core nutrition courses are complemented by the College’s renowned nutrition practicum, which allows students to work directly with registered dietitians, fitness specialists, and other health professionals.

The program also lets students choose from four degree specializations: Obesity and Eating Disorders, Nutrition Education, Nutrition and Fitness, and Business and Entrepreneurship in Nutrition. Graduates will emerge with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field of nutrition.

Students in this highly focused degree program will increase their knowledge and aptitude in the following ways:

  • Applying theories and research about nutrition in real-world situations
  • Examining the metabolism, physiological actions, and the interrelationships of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water
  • Exploring the application of nutrition principles to the treatment and prevention of diseases
  • Studying a range of techniques and methods used in nutritional research
  • Investigating theories and programs designed to facilitate healthy behaviors
  • Recognizing the complex factors that influence nutritional practices and results

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