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Aug 17 2017

Online High School Courses, Online High School Classes #arts #school #online


Online High School Courses

Online High School Classes include core subjects and electives

Liberty University Online Academy offers five core subjects (Language Arts, Bible, Mathematics, History, and Science), plus a variety of electives such as British Literature, Essentials of Business, Spanish, and State History. New electives are continually added to the Christian curriculum selection. You can contact our Admissions department for information about any upcoming online high school electives.

Liberty University Online Academy offers a variety of online high school courses in an online format to help your student achieve academic success and earn their high school diploma online.

Based on your student s previous transcripts and entrance assessment exam if necessary, we determine the academic level of your student and customize their virtual high school program accordingly. If your homeschool high school student needs reinforcement where there are learning gaps, we can create a customized online high school program to help your student succeed.

From History, to Spanish, to Bible, Liberty University Online Academy can meet your student s educational needs.

Flexible Online High School Enrollment

Students can enroll in our online high school at any time of the year. You don t have to wait for a traditional school year to start or end in order to enroll for a new class. With prior approval from Liberty University Online Academy, students at our online high school may take additional courses and electives outside those offered by the Academy. Contact our Admissions office today for details about our private Christian Academy. (866) 418-8741.

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