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Sep 29 2017

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Global business


Build an IP network without limits

IP Connect lets you connect different sites with different needs, locally and around the UK in the fastest, most efficient way. It is the platform to deliver the services your organisation needs to operate everyday and the platform to make your organisation successful.

IP Connect benefits

  • Simplifying communications IP Connect UK is designed from the ground up so your applications work efficiently over a single network. So gone are the days of having different networks for different applications
  • Reducing your total cost of ownership the great advantage of IP Connect UK is that all the complexities of designing, maintaining and managing the network are the responsibility of us at BT. Combine this with the scale of our network and your total cost of ownership is reduced
  • Improve scalability ideal for organisations with a just handful of sites to those with many thousands, IP Connect UK offers a wide range of access speeds and technologies enabling you to economically connect sites of all sizes, from the smallest site to the largest office or data centre
  • Access hosted cloud services through IP Connect UK you can access a whole range of market leading hosted cloud services including Hosted Unified Communications Service (HUCS), Virtual Data Centre (VDC), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Next Generation Contact Centre (NGCC)
  • Global reach the great news is you don t need to buy another network for global reach. IP Connect UK connects you to over 195 countries around the world.

IP Connect Features

  • Access With a range of access technologies from ADSL to Ethernet, speeds from 128Kbps to 10Gbps and resilience options, we have the ideal connection to meet your site s requirements and budget
  • Flexible service speeds IP Connect UK bandwidths can be changed quickly without a change in access. This can be done in large or small increments so you can match bandwidth and costs to your business needs
  • Class of Service to ensure your applications receive the right performance levels from the network, we offer 6 DSCP classes of service including Expedite forwarding for voice, Assured Forwarding for priority data and default
  • Any to any hub and spoke configurations depending on your need, IP Connect UK can be configured as any-to-any, hub and spoke or a combination of both
  • Multiple VPNs depending on the access service, we offer multiple and overlapping VPNs enabling you to partition your network enhancing security which means people can only get to systems they are entitled to. So extranets can be kept separate as can one department or business function from another
  • Security we understand that information is your most valuable asset and protecting it is critical to you. IP Connect UK services are CAS(T) Assured and PSN Certified. As a PSN Assured service it suitable for OFFICIAL information. An encrypted PSN Protected overlay is available should you determine this is needed for your more sensitive information
  • Wires only (unmanaged) or managed service we offer IP Connect UK unmanaged – where we provide the basic wires only network connectivity. Or alternatively, IP Connect UK is available as a complete end-to-end managed service including the design, implementation, proactive monitoring, maintenance and management of your network including the routers on your sites. The choice is yours.

We wanted one collaborative partner who could take national accountability for the provision and management of network services to all our sites. Only BT came close.
– David Hawken, General Manager, Engineering Service Delivery, NATS

The details

BT IP Connect UK specifications

IP Connect UK has the flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements of any organisation.


  • Standard – RFC 4364 – BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Configurations – Any-to-Any, Hub Spoke
  • VPNs – Depending on access.100 maximum with Ethernet and Leased line access
  • IP – Version 4 6
  • Classes of Service – RFC 3270 with 6 DSCP classes: EF, AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4 and default

Access Options

  • ADSL Connect Max IPStream Max Premium (ADSL) – Up to 8Mbps downstream, Up to 832Kbps upstream
  • ADSL Connect WBC (ADSL2 Plus) – Up to 24Mbps downstream, Up to 1Mbps upstream
  • Super-fast access FTTC (VDSL2) – Up to 40Mbps or 80Mbps downstream, Up to 2Mbps, 10Mbs or 20Mbps upstream
  • Super-fast access FTTP (GPON) – Up to 330Mbps downstream, Up to 30Mbps upstream
  • Ethernet In the First Mile (Copper) – 2 to 10Mbps EFM
  • 21CN Ethernet (Fibre) – 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps 10Gbps
  • Leased Line – 128K to 155Mbps

Access resilience

  • Standard – 99.9% availability
  • Secure – 99.99% availability
  • Secure Plus – 99.999% availability


We re the UK s biggest IP VPN, with global reach

IP Connect availability

We have a range of differenent access options offering different cost points, bandwidth options and service options to ensure you can create your perfect solution

Access option availability

  • ADSL ADSL 2 Plus Over 99%, 92% being served by ADSL2+
  • Super-fast Over 66% UK coverage ( 90% by end of 2015)
  • Ethernet Over 90% UK coverage
  • Leased Line Over 99% UK coverage
  • International 198 countries and territories



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