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Dec 27 2017

Mobile Apps for Events

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Smarter Apps
for your Events

Smart features

Activity Feed

The social Activity feed allows attendees to toggle between three streams of content. All Activity is a complete stream inclusive of all event activity, My Feed is a personalized stream tailored to each individual based on the attendee’s interactions with the app. Plus Notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track. Attendees can see:

  • Individual notifications
  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Photos and comments from all sessions or from only the ones they attended


Create a more personalized and interactive experience for attendees with beacons. It’s easy. Place beacons throughout your event space (think walls, booths, doorways) and then enable smart notifications to be transmitted to attendees who are in range. When an attendee is near a beacon, relevant notifications appear on their phone. Think of it as a smarter way to connect with attendees.

schedule integration

Attendees create personalized schedules during registration—don’t make them do it again when they download the event app. Keep your attendees happy by making it easy for them to pull their individual schedules into the app. Personalized schedules can also be exported from the app to the native calendar on any mobile device.

Interactive maps

Attendee Messaging

Social connections

Social sharing


Click, social game

Interactive polling

Multi-event app

Powerful push messages

Instant survey feedback

Lead Retrieval

Increase sponsorship revenue

Measure your impact

Branded, style-it-yourself

Branded, style-it-yourself

It’s easy to create a branded experience using our super flexible platform. The CrowdCompass EventCenter lets you customize your app’s background, headers and icons. Choose from color themes, background textures and icon packs that can be tinted. Or make it fully your own by adding custom icons.

Manage content,
edit on the fly

You’re in control of the content at all times. Any content changes you make sync to all users right away. Plus the Event Checklist helps you stay on track so you don’t miss important details.

VIP Admin Center

Session pages

Privacy and security

An app that works on any device

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