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Aug 10 2017

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Doesn’t work after paying $100.

I put the Google Chrome app on my iPad and it works well, but no sound. So I found that the Microsoft app does. Upon following the setup instructions, I found that Windows 10 home won’t work. I spent the $100 to upgrade to professional. The self configuration appears to have worked, yet I continue to not be able to connect.

I’ve spent a few hours looking up resolutions to no avail. It is unclear if this only works on a business network. I need to access a Windows only webinar everyday with my iPad so hoped this would be my solution. Maybe Microsoft will reach back to help but as easy as Chrome was, this should also be. I’m hoping I can change my rating soon. I have Office 360 and love the products and integration.

Surprisingly flawless

I’ve got 3 Win7 pro computers running simultaneously and I’m switching back and forth without issue.

I already had Remote Desktop running from a desktop, but wanted something to just view what was going on, but this app gave me complete control with my iPhone 7 and a Bluetooth keyboard.

When you switch between apps it sometimes disconnects then wen you switch back the app reconnects faster than from my desktop. That really saves my data.

The screen keyboard works, but you end up having to hide it or zoom in and out to see what you’re doing. The Bluetooth just makes everything easy.

This saves me from having to hotspot my phone and drag a laptop around.

I think the negative reviews might stem from people’s unfamiliarity with setting up the RDP. It can be tricky with multiple computers.

Works as advertised

by Andrew the Guide

Have only had a few problems with hardware keyboards attached to my iPad. It will not let me type if I switch apps or do multitasking side by side. The fix is to tap the button at the top that lets me access the special use keys.

Otherwise it is perfect. I love being able to make quick edits on my server remote with just an iPad.

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