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Nov 29 2017

MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship #entrepreneurial #mba #programs


MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship

12 Credit Hours (Beyond the MBA Core)

The MBA concentration in entrepreneurship is designed to complement the student’s course of study, encouraging students to apply entrepreneurial concepts and competencies in a wide variety of professional contexts. The overarching purpose is to help students discover their innate entrepreneurial potential and apply that potential throughout their lives. In addition for those students wishing to start ventures, the concentration will provide a rich exposure to the principles, conceptual tools, skills and implementation issues related to making their vision a reality.

Required Course (3 credit hours)

You must complete the following course:

Electives (9 credit hours)

Pick any three of the following courses:

  • EEE 5133 Dilemmas Debates in Entrepreneurship
  • EEE 5200-001 Commercializing of New Technology
  • EEE 5200-002 Real Estate Development
  • EEE 5213 Entrepreneurship in Science/Technology
  • EEE 5223 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • EEE 5263 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • EEE 5313 Emerging Enterprise Consulting
  • EEE 5333 Launching a Business: The First 100 Days
  • EEE 5403 Social Entrepreneurship 1
  • EEE 5513 Growing Small Family Ventures
  • EEE 5610-001 Entrepreneurship Initiative—Wal-Mart
  • EEE 5610-002 Project MGMT Consulting
  • EEE 5610-003 Advanced Practicum CIE Scholar
  • EEE 5653 Venture Capital
  • EEE 5663 Imagination
  • EEE 5703 Project MGMT for Entrepreneurship
  • EEE 5713 Native American Entrepreneurship
  • EEE 5803 Operating an Entrepreneurship Firm
  • EEE 5993 Preparing Effective Business Plans

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