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Feb 28 2018

Marine Biology – Undergraduate Catalog – University of West Florida, marine biology careers.#Marine #biology #careers

2017-2018 Academic Catalog

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Concurrent Course

This course may be taken prior to or during the same term.

The University of West Florida is one of only a few institutions in the United States which offers a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. The program is provided through the Department of Biology. The curriculum includes a series of seven core courses fundamental to all areas of biology. Elective courses emphasize theoretical and practical aspects of aquatic/marine biology. Wetlands and estuarine marshes of the main campus, as well as the nearby Santa Rosa Island campus and the Gulf of Mexico, provide living specimens for study and serve as laboratories supporting elective courses. Graduates may seek careers in marine biology, fisheries management, aquaculture, pollution biology, and marine toxicology, and find employment in local, state, and federal departments of environmental regulation and education, as well as the private sector. Graduates are also well prepared to pursue advanced degrees. Prospective students need to be aware that some biology lab courses involve the use of live animals; students may wish to seek details from course instructors before enrolling.

Program Requirements

In addition to general University requirements, students seeking the B.S. in Marine Biology must meet the requirements listed below.

A grade of “C” or better is required in each of the seven biology core courses.

Consult with your academic advisor for courses which may satisfy both the General Education requirements and common prerequisites.

General Education

In addition to the General Education requirements listed on this page, students must satisfy all additional University requirements, including the Gordon Rule, multicultural, and foreign language requirements. With appropriate planning and coordination with an academic advisor, students may satisfy some of the general University requirements through the General Education curriculum. For a complete listing of general degree requirements, refer to the Graduation and General Degree Requirements section of this catalog.

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