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Aug 24 2017

Is Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection any good? Ars Technica OpenForum #microsoft #endpoint #protection #review


Has anybody installed this product and used it in a corporate environment?
We protect approximate 10,000 desktops, PCs and laptops.

The contract for our existing product, Sophos, is up for renewal next year and we are looking at alternatives before deciding on whether to renew or not.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection is one of the possible contenders as we may be getting a new licencing agreement with Microsoft in the near future and this product would be part of the agreement so we’d effectively be getting the endpoint licencing for free.

What are people’s impressions?

How intuitive is it to setup/administer/use?

The Sophos Management Console is fairly easy to use.

As above, you need to implement SCCM to manage it. If you don’t already use SCCM, it’s not necessarily a trivial task.

I planned to switch from Sophos to it for the same reason (it’s essentially free) last year, but never finished rolling out our SCCM implementation.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the actual protection the client offers, but generally it seems to be along the lines of not great, but good enough.

One thing I didn’t especially like was that (someone correct me if I’m wrong), it looked like the most often you could configure the clients to update their definitions using SCCM is once per day. In the event of a bad def or high risk virus event, this could be an issue.

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