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Feb 13 2018

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ThurayaTelecom March 15

Taking mission-critical satellite communications to the next level

Market Development Director, Fahad Kahoor shares valuable insights into Thuraya’s suite of GovernmentComms products and solutions, which provide critical communications in the field. He calls attention to the special features of CRYPTTIA, a unique command and control platform that allows smartphone users to utilize a unified Thuraya and cellular network for crisis management, defense and civil protection operations.

You have recently opened an office in the US. Was that move to facilitate work on your ongoing FUTURA project and next generation constellation plans?
Thuraya is already well established in the United States. We have a team supported by service providers and partners. In 2016, we launched M2M services in the USA with the introduction of the Thuraya FT2225 M2M terminal.

The new office located centrally between Washington D.C. and Tysons Corner, Virginia, offers close proximity to investors, key government and commercial customers and partners. It further brings the American team together, helping to serve these customers including the Department of Defense, which Thuraya counts among its list of longest standing customers.

The new address marks a further step in the development of our ongoing FUTURA project and next generation constellation plans.

Recently Thuraya and Indosat Ooredoo signed a Memorandum of Understanding. What are the objectives?
The objective of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to develop a new range of services by combining Indosat products with Thuraya Satellite technology and devices for business customers in Indonesia.

The agreement has created a framework for collaboration in three main areas. New services will be developed using Indosat SIM cards roaming on the Thuraya network as well as bundling satellite devices with Indosat Ooredoo digital applications. At a later stage, Thuraya and Indosat also plan to develop additional use cases for the burgeoning IoT market.

The satellite-powered business applications allow organizations to extend their services beyond terrestrial networks, whenever they have remote connectivity requirements across various extreme environmental conditions. The full scope of markets now set for transformational communications capabilities across Indonesia includes oil and gas, and mining; plantations; high end yachting, merchants and fishing; military and police services. Thuraya’s extensive and reliable satellite network complements Indosat’s own connectivity, extending into those areas that are beyond terrestrial reach. This will enable both companies to offer a seamless customer experience.

Does Thuraya’s ‘Connected Ambulance’ have any military applications?
The connected ambulance is an integrated telemedicine solution with a Thuraya IP Voyager terminal. It works over Thuraya’s extensive and reliable network, connecting onboard wired and wireless medical devices to hospitals and diagnosing physicians. It doesn’t have any military applications; however, it can be utilized by the military during critical missions, when personnel are injured and time is a matter of life and death.

What are Thuraya’s latest applications for the defense sector?
Taking center stage is CRYPTTIA, a unique command and control platform developed by EYEONIX SA.

CRYPTTIA allows smartphone users to utilize a unified Thuraya and cellular networks for mission critical, crisis management, defense and civil protection operations. CRYPTTIA is a global platform combining both terrestrial and satellite voice technologies to bring push to talk services to smartphone users.

CRYPTTIA is an IP-based end to end solution which offers “bring your own device” (BYOD) capability for fast and reliable communications in mission critical environments. It offers speed of deployment and ease of use. It is the only platform that can be fully operational, from scratch, in less than four hours as a mission critical unified system.

The portable version, which is deployable in less than five minutes, serves as a fully operational command, control and decision support system. It requires less than one day to train mobile users, command and control center training is completed in three days, and administrator training takes five days.

NATO security-certified, CRYPTTIA guarantees optimal security for both call and data exchange, and is used for high level, top secret military intelligence and counter espionage.
Agents are untraceable in the field, because of the unique task and incident management module, which can be automated and preconfigured, to coordinate a mission or an emergency automatically.

CRYPTTIA is a speechless system: command center executives receive updates and task completion data through a configurable, color coded status level system. It can send and receive live images, and store and forward videos. When voice or text exchange is required, push to talk (PTT) voice and short message service communications for group and private users are always to hand.

Certified by Thuraya for added value system security and compliance, CRYPTTIA is a cost efficient solution that operates at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

With Application Interface (API) or Interface Control Document (ICD), CRYPTTIA can integrate third party networks (TETRA, DMR, UHF); platforms (command centers or surveillance systems); and unmanned platforms (UAVs, sUAVs and drones). CRYPTTIA delivers geolocation, tracking, and geofencing.

By upgrading their field smartphones, users can future proof their systems. Additional features include near field communication, man down alarm and lone fighter. For secure communication for highest level, mission critical use, CRYPTTIA offers end to end encryption through four layers of communication security.

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