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Sep 25 2017

How To Wax Your Car to Perfection #discount #auto

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In 2007 a brand new type of automotive surface protection was created by Ultima Finish Care, the clear sealant. Ultima clear sealants are nanotechnology polymer coatings that are highly resistant to detergents, acids and hard minerals, like calcium.

Don’t let the nanotechnology jargon confuse you. The chemical simply creates a full molecular blanket of protection by using molecules, that are much smaller than water or acid molecules, that bind together to form what looks like a chain link fence of protection.

Ultima Finish Care is the first and only company to offer a full range of clear sealant products for complete protection of your automobile.

The animation above is how Ultima explains their nanotechnology coating. The most important fact to understand is how the product blocks the harmful elements that cause oxidation and other environmental paint damage. By creating a tough barrier that is many times smaller than water and acid molecules, these harmful elements cannot penetrate the Ultima coating.


If the purpose of the clear coat is to add depth and gloss to the final paint finish, wouldn’t it be counterproductive to apply anything that does not buff out to be as clear as the clear coat itself?

Carnauba wax in its natural form is not clear. It creates a dull, milky white film on the leaves of the palm tree from which it is harvested. Have you experienced the white stain residue most Carnauba waxes leave in cracks and crevices after waxing? It follows that Carnauba wax will distort the perfectly clear appearance of a new or well-maintained clear coat finish.

What the modern clear coat finish requires is proper cleaning and light polishing to remove fine cobweb scratches and swirl marks, and clear, durable protection. Carnauba wax cannot meet this demand. My personal recommendation for all cars with a clear coat finish is Ultima Paint Guard Plus Paint Sealant .


Regular auto wax care is necessary for protecting your car’s paint from the elements. In addition to sealing and protecting, car waxes and auto sealants also improve the appearance of freshly washed and polished paint. If you use the right products, you can successfully layer waxes and sealants to make your paint look deeper and almost liquid .

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