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Jan 31 2018

How to Change the Brake Light Bulb on a 2005 VW Beetle TDI

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How to Change the Brake Light Bulb on a 2005 VW Beetle TDI

The focus of this project is changing the right-hand (RH) brake light on a 2005 VW Beetle TDI (although the same steps can be used for the left hand side, as well as on several other VW models). The rear taillight bulb is accessed by removing the lens housing cover located in the trunk of the vehicle. Following the below steps, you will be able to replace the taillight bulb yourself and save $100 in professional repairs.

Steps Edit

Use the key remote, fob, or key to raise the deck lid.

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the cover to access lens assembly (Figures B1 and B2).

Use the fingers to remove the knob of the taillight lens assembly (Figures B-3 and B-4).

Use a non-marring trim tool to pry loose the lens assembly (Figure B-5).

Rotate trim tool around lens to loosen lens assembly (Figure B-6).

Remove taillight lens assembly from support cradle (Figure B-7).

Remove the bulb socket from taillight assembly (Figure B-8).

Once the bulb socket is removed, visually check for cracks and burned electrical contacts (Figure B-9).

Check the bulb socket with a digital multimeter (DMM) for continuity (Figures B-10 and B-11).

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