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Jan 31 2018

Global IDs

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Master Data Management Solutions

The foundation to a successful Data Governance program is a comprehensive understanding of your data eco-system. Global IDs delivers data transparency, quality and integration across the enterprise.

Data Rationalization allows companies to reduce complexity across their data eco-system and create opportunities to achieve significant cost savings. Global IDs software is used to chart out a transformation journey that systematically takes cost out of traditional data infrastructures and delivers tangible ROIs through big data management (Hadoop) infrastructures.

Many organizations today are faced with data privacy challenges at a time of high susceptibility to data breaches. Our data security monitoring software continuously monitors your data landscape to detect unusual or suspicious activity.

Regulatory and compliance reporting have never been a higher corporate priority. To meet this demand organizations need access to data with high quality and integrity. Our MDM software can systematically scan data ecosystems to locate, cleanse and map data assets to regulatory reporting ontologies that can be used to create regulatory reports.

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