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Sep 20 2017

Frontpoint Security Reviews, Information – Cost #frontpoint #security #installation #cost


FrontPoint Home Security

FrontPoint Security Solutions is a leading provider of home security systems with competitive home security prices. It’s systems are entirely wireless, and there are various home security system packages to meet your needs.

FrontPoint is relatively new to the industry but is growing rapidly and is quickly on its way to being a highly rated home security company.

Here is a complete FrontPoint review of the company’s security systems including security system prices, options and much more.

Systems and Plans

FrontPoint offers three plans, each one with increased security system prices. The basic home security package called the Protection Monitoring Plan. More than just security against home invasion and robbery, the wireless system offers additional monitoring for fire, medical emergencies, floods and serious water leaks.

The first upgraded home alarm monitoring plan is called the FrontPoint Interactive Monitoring package. This home security system has all the features of the basic plan but also includes wireless security video that allows you to monitor your home’s security from a web-enabled device anywhere internet access is available. It provides remote programming of the system and instant security alerts. It automates home lighting and also immediately sends a cellular signal to the 24/7 monitoring center if any entry point is breached.

The Ultimate Monitoring home security plan from FrontPoint includes all of the above as well as additional home automation functions, geo services for tracking and remote contact, and a wireless video feed sent to a laptop, PC, PDA or smartphone. Motion-activated video clips are stored. Any video cameras are an extra expense.

Features and Accessories

These are primarily indoor systems but features can be added to monitor the exterior of the home as well including motion-activated cameras, lighting and home alarms. All basic FrontPoint security systems and plans start with a GE control panel and sensors to provide home alarm monitoring or winds and doors.

The user interface with the home security system is a touchscreen LCD display that allows for quick review and programming of the entire system. Whenever an event occurs, your system is connected with the home alarm monitoring center by a secure cellular connection. Depending on the specific configuration of the system, these types of sensors might be included: Door/window, motion, glass break, smoke/heat, recessed door and garage door sensors.

There are a wide range of accessories for all of the FrontPoint home security system plans. These include a talking remote touchpad and mobile apps for remote programing, a keychain remote and panic pendants for alerting authorities to medical emergencies. Cameras that can be used in any of the systems include wireless cameras, pan and tilt cameras and outdoor cameras.

Automated door locks can also be controlled remotely using the system as can your home’s thermostat and lighting. These functions are typically part of the Ultimate Monitoring system plan.

Installation Information

For the basic control panel, touchscreen interface and sensors, installation is very easy. All the components are wireless and use cellular service so no landline is needed. They can be mounted without drilling holes in window or door frames. Most homeowners will be able to set up the basic home alarm monitoring system.

If you choose cameras as accessories, they will need to be mounted, which is a fairly easy job, outdoor cameras being the most difficult. All cameras feature wireless operation, so there is no wire to run and the system cannot be interrupted by accidental or intentional cutting or wires.

Up Front and Monthly Costs

There are 3 levels of home security prices for the basic plans. Three-year contracts are required, which is standard for the home security industry. The Protection Monitoring plan is currently $34.99 per month. The Interactive Monitoring Plan is $42.99 per month and the Ultimate Monitoring plan is $49.99 per month. These security system prices are about average for the industry. There is also a $99 activation fee to start any of the plans and a 3-year contract is required.

Your home security prices will go up when you add accessories to the system. The cost of cameras varies by type, with prices from $185 to $400. The sensors range in price from $35-$90 and are yours to keep. This is one of the way the FrontPoint Security Solutions plan differs from some others in which the equipment comes as part of the monthly fees but must be sent back if the contract is not renewed. If you have your own equipment, changing companies at the end of a contract is quite easy.

With the cost of the control panel and touchscreen included, expect your upfront security system prices to range from $1,000 for a basic system to over $3,000 for complex system in a larger home.

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