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Jul 27 2017

Free Download: Microsoft Event Log Analyzer #microsoft #event #log #analyzer


Lepide Event Log Manager 11.01.01 License: Shareware

Event management software helps organizations to meet network security and compliance standards using eventloganalyzer. Eventlog manager help IT administrators in log management and maintaining event IDs and also providing real time alerts.
Author: Event Log Management
Date: 05 August, 2011
OS Support: Windows. Win98. WinXP. Windows Vista

SmarterMail Log Analyzer 1.0.1798.20747 License: Shareware

SmarterMail LogAnalyzer is a compact application that allows you to view the content of a the log files saved by the SmarterMail application. The program allows you to select a certain log file and to search for a certain event.
Author: SmarterTools
Date: 21 August, 2013
OS Support: Windows All

This program is a powerful loganalyzer for Windows Media Services server log files. It has been designed especially for analyzing WMS log files and supports the entire set of WMS log file data and provides the best and most complete analysis.
Author: ExactTrend
Date: 20 September, 2014
OS Support: Windows. Windows 8. WinNT 4.x. WinXP. Windows 2000. Windows 2003. Windows Vista

Client side web server loganalyzer Quick facts: it does not produce html outputs for use in website, Ka LogAnalyzer is a typical desktop application for Windows showing the results in list controls for the moment it understands o
Author: Konrad Papala
Date: 02 May, 2007
OS Support: Windows 2000. Windows 2003. Windows NT 4.x. Windows XP

Freeware web loganalyzer with detailed statistics, tracking daily changes of different site parameters. Useful web marketing and website optimization solution for webmasters. Reports: pages, search engines, referring sites, search phrases, etc.
Date: 23 March, 2010
OS Support: Windows. WinXP. Windows 2000. Windows 2003. Windows Vista

Download, process, and analyze Apache and IIS logs on your own computer. LogAnalyzer Expert schedules and downloads raw or compressed logs, processes Web logs in Apache or IIS formats, and creates numerous reports.
Author: Log Analyzer Labs
Date: 18 June, 2009
OS Support: Windows. Win98. WinME. WinNT 4.x. WinXP. Windows 2000. Windows 2003. Windows Vista

Event Log Extension for AnyFileBackup License: Freeware

EventLog Extension for AnyFileBackup provides an ability to monitor application, security, system and other event logs. The notifications about events can be dispatched via LAN, email, SMS and ICQ (via e-mail gates).
Author: AAR Software Ltd.
Date: 02 September, 2012
OS Support: Windows All

e Web Log Analyzer 0.1 License: Freeware

e Web LogAnalyzer (eWLA) is a web server log file analysis program which produces detailed usage statistics. It has nbsp;responses in graphical and tabular form. Requirements: GD Lib (maximum version of 1.7x, not 1.
Date: 08 February, 2013
OS Support: BSD. Linux. Mac. Solaris. Windows. MacOS

Microsoft Application Compatibility Analyzer 1.0 License: Shareware

The Microsoft Application Compatibility Analyzer tool will compile a list of applications installed in an enterprise network, check the compatibility status of those applications, and then provide a variety of reports detailing the known compatibilit
Author: Microsoft
Date: 05 July, 2013
OS Support: Windows Vista

Ascella Log Monitor Plus 1.9.1 License: Shareware

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is a small, lightwight and cost-effective agent for eventlog monitoring and management software. It follows the health of a server or workstation hardware, software and operating system on all computers in your network.
Author: AAR Software Ltd.
Date: 08 August, 2012
OS Support: Windows. Windows 7. WinNT 4.x. WinXP. Windows 2000

Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition 2.8.1 B0341 License: Shareware

The Proxy Log Explorer is a loganalyzer software that processes raw proxy log files. Proxy Log Explorer the fastest and most powerful analysis application for monitoring the efficiency corporate Internet usage of your Proxy server.
Author: ExactTrend
Date: 22 July, 2013
OS Support: Windows. Windows 7. WinXP. Windows Vista

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