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Aug 25 2017

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Fortune 500 Companies Using SharePoint

Microsoft is still claiming SharePoint Server as the fastest growing product in company history, which is very impressive coming from such a diversified software maker powerhouse.

According to Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) one in two corporations are now using SharePoint Server and in 22% of the companies, every employee uses this popular Microsoft collaboration tool. SharePoint usage is widely spread due to its complex collaboration structure and its flexibility. From enterprise search, enterprise content management (ECM), Business Process Management, business intelligence, records management, archiving, Intranet/Extranet, file sharing to public-facing websites, which will be covered in this article.

Below you will find a list of few Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint technology for their public-facing websites. This review is trying to highlight the adoption of SharePoint in the corporate world as well as the customization level these companies accomplished.

Finding corporate websites with interesting designs in Fortune 500 and on SharePoint platform proved to be a challenge. If I missed any company that meets the above criteria feel free to add it in the comment area.

Fortune 500 Companies Using SharePoint was last modified: October 6th, 2014 by Luis Kerr

Thanks for sharing. These are some beautiful designs- SharePoint customization/ SharePoint branding at its best.

Plus, those are some staggering numbers about the adoption of SharePoint Server. If it s the fastest growing product in Microsoft company history, and it s already being used by half of all corporations, the market for SharePoint hosting other services is only going to continue expanding.

I was recently reviewing some stats on Google Trends that totally support the massive growth you are talking about here. It s pretty amazing what this software can do and all of the different applications this software has. Thank you for this website, I was curious as to how well a website could be designed on Sharepoint.

Question? Can you customize a Sharepoint site to look like this on the admin pages? I am still new to Sharepoint but the thought of being able to make an internal intranet pages look like this sounds really cool.

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