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May 28 2017

Farm Loans – Central Kentucky AgCredit #student #loan #payments

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Farm Loans

Ag Credit has the money to finance any farm need, from small loans to multi-million dollar loans. And, Ag Credit is always there with help during good times and bad times. We have served full and part-time farmers with competitive loan programs and services since 1934. No one understands the cycles of farming and how they can affect your business better than Ag Credit.

The team of loan officers at Ag Credit specializes in financing all types of farming operations. We understand the complex needs and demands of a successful operation and are committed to your success. Our job is to provide credit to rural America. So if you work or live in the country, Ag Credit is here to meet your needs. We make loans from pastures to porches:

Real Estate and Farm Improvement Loans

Fixed, variable and adjustable rate mortgages are available with several maturities. Financing available for full and part-time farmers.

Equipment Loans

Ag Credit makes equipment loans for any type of agricultural equipment. Upgrade or replace inefficient equipment and take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing through Ag Credit. Once you receive approval on your loan request, a full array of flexible terms and interest rates are available.

If you are at a local equipment dealer, ask if they have our new point-of-sale loans thru the Farm Credit Express program. Call your local branch for details.

Operating Loans

Revolving and annual lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. Payment schedules can be established to match your income from crop or livestock sales. An operating loan may allow you to run your operation more efficiently, because you can realize savings through cash discounts, locking in prices by paying ahead, and tax benefits for prepayment of some expenses.

Automobile and Personal Loans

We provide loans for cars or trucks, college tuition or just about any credit need for full time farm owners and operators. As with our other loans, payment schedules can be tailored to coincide with your income.

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