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Jun 12 2017

Electric Cars 2015 List – Prices, Efficiency, Range, Pics. #scrap #car #prices

#electric cars

Electric Cars 2015 — Prices, Efficiency, Range, Pics, More

February 16th, 2014 by Zach

Update [May 31, 2015]: Several prices have been updated to reflect changes made by the manufacturers.

Update [December 31, 2014]: Since this article still gets a lot of traffic, rather than create an entirely new article for 2015, I m simply changing this 2014 list to a 2015 list. Also, as I have done in the past year, I will update the info here when new cars or data arrive. In case it is helpful to anyone, I will also start putting updates on the bottom of this page to note when and where I made changes. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this page as useful as it is, and thanks to everyone who does so in the future!

Wondering what electric cars are on the market or soon will be? Wonder no more. I m going to run down all of them in the article below. I will also add a few key details and commentary for each one (including prices, efficiency, range, and # of seats when such information is available).

Furthermore, I m doing something I don t think I ve seen anywhere else I m listing all of the electric cars that are available in the US and  all of the electric cars that are available in Europe. In the case of electric cars only available in Europe, I ve tried to find the prices in euros in key markets, in British pounds, and sometimes in other popular markets (like Norway).

The cars are listed from most affordable to most expensive before  the US federal tax credit for EVs. Note that 100% electrics come with higher tax credits, so can end up being cheaper than plug-in hybrids. Also, tax credits are greater for plug-in hybrids with bigger batteries, so even within that category cars can swap places after calculating the tax credit. (Also don t forget that many other countries, US states, and even some cities and regions offer EV incentives of their own, some of which apply to all of the cars below, and some of which only apply to 100% electrics.)

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