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Jun 11 2017

Don – t use Gold Car rentals! Spain Forum #rv #rental #usa

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Don t use Gold Car rentals.

Antwerp, Belgium

Apr 26, 2012, 6:15 AM

After years of using rental cars all over the world (USA, South Africa. Mexico, Thailand. Canaries etc.) we just had our first bad experience with a car rental company. Gold Car. So please, take my advice and don t give them any business, they really don t deserve your hard earned money.

We rented a car from them last week at Reus airport, booked trough Auto Europe, meaning we got a zero excess for free from Auto Europe. When we picked up the car we had a hour long discussion with the desk employee about the extra insurance he was trying to make us buy, even though my voucher stated we got a zero excess insurance from Auto Europe. In the end he got the message we weren t going to buy the extra insurance so he tried it another way. When the driver was giving his credit card (Master Card) for the deposit guarantee the Gold Car employee said that we can not get the car without the extra insurance because the master card that we gave him was not a credit card (??) but a debet card. Now you must know that the driver of our group owns a house in the area and rents cars at Reus airport very often, always using that credit card without a problem when using other rental companies. So what Gold Car told us was rubbish. So the driver offered them another (Visa Credit) card. The employee said this was also not a credit card so we would need to take the insurance. At that stage I offered them one of my credit cards. He said this one was fine but I couldn t use it becuase I wasn t driving the car. We were a group of 4 so the second driver in the contract offered them one of his cards. Guess what? The same rubbish answer. I was getting quiet upset at that stage (other people at the desk were going trough the same thing while we were there) and only when I was about to phone the bank that issued the card (so I could let the bank actually tell the employee that the card was indeed a credit card) he actually agreed to accept the card. We are experienced travellers and have used our credit cards at many hotels and car rental companies without a problem. Gold Car was just trying it s way to make people pay actually more than they should.

I forgot to mention that the full petrol tank we were forced to buy actually costed more than the car rental price for a week.

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