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Oct 6 2017

DIY Automobile Repair GarageFully Equipped – Self-Service – Repair Garage – ShadeTree Mechanic Club #chilton

#diy auto repair


Fully Equipped Self-Service Garage

Set a time to visit our facility and see if this private auto repair club is right for you.

Would you like to have a safe place to restore or maintain your cars? The answer is probably yes you would! The problem the backyard mechanic runs into is having all of the proper equipment and a safe place to work. Only if you had a place where you would have all of the tools and information to complete any project. You would be able to save thousands of dollars maintaining or restoring the car of your dreams. What a dream!


ShadeTree Mechanic Club is a fully equipped self-service private auto repair garage for the car or motorcycle

enthusiast. ShadeTree Mechanic Club provides everything you need to get the job done and save you 60% to 80% of the cost.

A clean safe garage setting.

2) Professional Automobile Lifts

A professional 9,000 lbs lifts will lift and lower your car to safety. NO more crawling under unsafe jack stands and

rolling around on the ground.

3) Diagnostics Equipment

Locate your problems with up-to-date professional diagnostic equipment. No more guess work or trial error

problem solving.

4) Specialty Tools and Equipment

Professional tools and equipment you need to handle the job. No more stopping in the middle of a job because

you do not have the correct tools.

5) Paint Body Repair

Body Repair/Paint Booth. Repair the body and paint the car yourself. Or have one of ShadeTree Mechanic Club

professionals do the job for you to your requirements.

6) Commercial Accounts

Buy the parts you need, at a discount, from major auto part suppliers and have them delivered to the club. This alone

will save you hundreds of dollars .

ShadeTree Mechanic Club will have a complete library of service manuals for any make and model. Have, at

your finger tips, the information needed to explain how to preform each job while saving you time and money.

8) Personal Mechanic

Get stuck? Need a helping hand? No problem! A ShadeTree Mechanic professional will be glad to give you a

helping hand in that heavy two man job or installing/removing that hard to get to part. No more fighting yourself trying

to do the job alone and unsafe. What about finishing the job? Cannot figure out how to solve the problem? Have a

ShadeTree Mechanic explain how to finish the job or do the job for you.

10) Selling/Buying Classic Cars

Wanting to sell your classic car? Want to get top dollar value? Use ShadeTree Mechanic Club’s multiple

contacts and marketing system to find buyers from around the world.

11) Long Term Car Storage

Storage available for the long term projects. No need to trailer the car back and forth from home to the garage.

12) Certified Appraiser

A Certified Appraiser, with International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN), is available to solve all of your

appraisal needs.

Either way you choose will not obligate or cost you anything. You will only get your questions answered and information on how the ShadeTree Mechanic Club can save you thousands of dollars while having fun taking care of your car. After you have reviewed the information then it is up to you to decide if the ShadeTree Mechanic Club is something you want to join. We hope you join our family of classic car enthusiast.

New Member Special $10 per hour!!

ShadeTree Mechanic Club is offering bays with a lift, plus tools, for $10 per hour.

Code #742338733-W-1114

Thank You,

ShadeTree Mechanic Club

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