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Aug 1 2017

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You’ve got Questions, We’ve got answers!

Why give Discount Auto Transport your car?

Because we care. We care about you and your vehicle. We have been shipping cars for almost 15 years. Many of our customers have been with us for over ten years. We take pride in getting your car shipped as quickly as and for less money than anyone else. We will never lie to you to get your money. There are some transport companies that are so desperate that they will tell you anything to get your money. And some make you sign contracts upfront. Especially watch out for these. We will never ask you for any money upfront. We only take a deposit when we are ready to pickup your car and not a minute sooner.

How can I save money moving my car?

Because we cater to everyone’s situation with moving a vehicle. Are you a dealer, we can help. We have large dealers that we ship for including helping with internet sales and dealer trades. Classic cars & trucks. Our staff all own and love classic vehicles. We know the vehicles that you are shipping and will transport them like they are ours. Moving? we understand the tight schedules and stress involved in any move. Let DAT take care of the stress of moving your vehicle. We do many military moves, college moves, corporate moves and others. We are a volume transport company. That keeps your cost lower.

Why is a federal license and insurance important?

We are licensed, bonded and carry an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Never deal with a transport company without these credentials. DAT is committed to making sure every transport goes smoothly, on time, for less money and with no damage to vehicles. We stand behind each and every move.

Why should I try DAT?

Because we have been there. Before we Started DAT we were customers ourselves. We had problems finding a reputable company to ship our vehicles. Companies giving us cheap quotes, and making promises that they never kept. One even stole our money. We decided never again and started DAT to help other people frustrated at trying to get their vehicle moved with poor results.

What if I have more questions?

If you need to contact us for whatever reason, you may try after hours as we are anxious to handle any questions you have to insure your business. Feel free to call. We will give you a full update! We will answer our phones with a live person on the other end. No automated machine or complicated phone menu to navigate. You call we answer. After hours, no problem, call one of our cell #’s. Bottom line you can always contact one of our staff.

Are there any hidden expenses?

With DAT you will not have any additional or hidden costs or fees. All expenses, including insurance and taxes, are included in your original price quote so you will not be billed for anything else.

We Can Handle Any move.

Open or enclosed transport. Overseas shipping, we have several customers in Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world. Our international customers keep coming back because we do not overcharge just because they are in a different country. They know that they can trust us to move their vehicle. We have shipped everything from Golf Carts to airplanes and even a Word War 2 Landing craft. Whatever you have to ship DAT can ship it.

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