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Feb 27 2018

Detoxification Services, Drug Rehabs and Alcohol treatment centers

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Detoxification of drugs and alcohol

Select your state to find Detoxification Services, Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment near you:

Opiate Detox

For many people who are dependent on opiates, detoxification is much more necessary than rehabilitation. For these people, the majority of whose dependency stems from doctor-prescribed medication, the addiction is largely physical. There are no abusive behaviors to curb or personal issues to address–the essence of the problem is simply that the body needs to be rid of the drugs.

Vicodin detox

Successful Vicodin detox is a tricky process. Lowering your dose too quickly can leave you battered by a variety of devastating withdrawal symptoms. Lower it too slowly or allow yourself to see-saw between higher and lower dosages can mean long-term damage to your liver and respiratory system and even overdose. The safest, most effective Vicodin detox with the highest success rate is one that is done with the guidance of a medical professional.

Ultracet detoxification

Continued use of Ultracet can have a number of negative physical and emotional effects. Physical problems and health issues become more probable over the long-term, issues that affect the heart, liver and respiratory system especially. Liver failure, respiratory system depression and heart disease are all common among those who take Ultracet for long periods of time and for these reasons it is important to undergo an effective Ultracet detox as soon as possible.

Alcohol Detox

The objective of alcohol detox is to help the patient achieve an alcohol free state. Detox helps prepare the patient for entry into treatment and rehab. Alcohol detox has the potential for triggering any number of side effects. These can range from mild to quite severe. Mild reactions to alcohol detox can include tremors (the shakes), headaches, vomiting, perspiration, restlessness, lose of appetite and insomnia. More serious effects of alcohol detox can be Delirium Tremors (DT’s), autonomic hyperactivity and seizures (convulsions).

A variety of medications and procedures are used to detox from alcohol in a medical environment. Buprenophex, certain benzodiazepines and anticonvulsant medication are some of the medications used.

Methamphetamine Detox- “Crystal Meth”

Withdrawal symptoms end as soon as crystal meth is used again, making it extremely difficult to detox. Methamphetamine produces an extremely strong addiction. The success rate for traditional detox methods of methamphetamine rehabilitation is very low – only 7% escape the methamphetamine abuse cycle.

Those who continue to use crystal meth become high-intensity abusers, or speed freaks, pursuing the rush they felt the first time they smoked or injected crystal meth. Instead of finding it, they experience less euphoria with each rush, using more and more crystal meth. Each high is successively diminished, with more frequent binges on more methamphetamine.

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