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Mar 21 2018

Cost of online college courses

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The cost of University of Minnesota courses includes tuition and various fees. These fees are determined by your status at the University, your college of admission, and your program. Textbooks and class materials must be purchased separately.

For more information about your tuition rate as a distance learning student, visit One Stop .

For more information about course payment deadlines and refund schedules, visit ODL Dates and Deadlines .

Tuition and Fees

Admitted Students

Undergraduate students who are admitted to the U of M will be billed at undergraduate rates. Graduate students will be billed at graduate-level or professional school tuition rates. Tuition and University-wide fees are charged for all courses.

Also, ODL courses qualify as swapping courses when cancel/adding only if the course added is an ODL course offered during the same session (a Fall section A course is exchanged for another Fall section A course; a Fall section B course for another Fall section B course, etc.).

If you are formally admitted to a University of Minnesota degree program, you also will pay other fees. depending on your status and college of admission.

Non-admitted Students

If you have not been formally admitted to a University of Minnesota degree or certificate program, and you are not classified by the University as a non-resident, you will be charged the lower resident rate for tuition regardless of your geographical location (see Undergraduate and Graduate rates above). For questions about residency status, please contact the Office of Admissions, 612-625-6330.

ODL Course Fee

In addition to tuition, students taking two or more credits of Online and Distance Learning (ODL) course work will be charged a $100 fee. If students take only one ODL credit, there is no fee.

Additional Information

  • Most types of financial aid do not apply to extended-term ODL courses.
  • International students are welcome to enroll in ODL courses. You must pay the University directly in U.S. dollars. The University does not employ commercial agents for course registration or payment.
  • Credits for Online and Distance Learning courses qualify for tuition caps for University of Minnesota undergraduate and graduate students.

Senior Citizen Education Option

If you are 62 or older (or are 60 years old and receiving a railroad retirement annuity) and a Minnesota resident, you are eligible for the Senior Citizen Education Program (SCEP ).

Tuition and Fees Paid by Various Agencies/Sponsors

For information about tuition and fees paid by various agencies or sponsors, please see One Stop Third Party Billing .

Billing and Payment

The University’s One Stop website is the best resource for information on how to pay the University .

You will not receive a paper bill from the University for your tuition and fees. An e-mail notice will be sent to your University e-mail account when your online billing statement is ready. Your billing statement shows all charges (tuition and fees, bookstore charges, etc.) to your Student Account and due dates.

If you have payment questions, One Stop counselors are available via e-mail, phone, or in person. For more information, contact One Stop .

Verification of Payment

If you need verification that you have paid your tuition and fees, you can print out your online student account information by going to One Stop (click on “Student Account” under Quick Links).

If you plan to claim education tax credits, your billing and account information is an important reference. More information about these tax credits is available online.


You may be eligible for a tuition refund if you cancel your registration by the deadlines. The deadline is based on the start date of the term you were registered for.

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