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Jun 11 2017

Confused are wrong to allow ecar insurance on their site! #21st #insurance

#e car insurance

confused are wrong to allow ecar insurance on their site!

I purchased car insurance through ecar insurance. It was around £50 cheaper than everyone else.

I followed through their processess (I always have my insurance renewed on the 31st of August) and have evidence of this. I clicked through to pay but THEIR system said my bank had refused payment.

I contacted the bank and they advised that it was ecars system that had done this and so while on the phone tried again.

This time it said my policy had timed out.

I went through the process again, but had to change the time to 31st at 1.15, the soonest allowed, but again their system crashed. So I tried again, and noticed the date now said 1st September, which I changed to 31st again and proceeded.

I paid my money, recieved on screen confirmation and went off in the car (my partner driving as I was feeling sick)

It told me to click a link to print my document but took me to a page to create a password instead. I created a password, but it would not let me print a document and then I got another message from their server.

2 miles down the road, we get pulled over. I told the police it didnt suprise me as I had only just got the insurance paid for and I gave him the policy number and the start date and time.

He came back saying it didnt start until tomorrow and impounded the car at a cost of £170.

Then left myself (pregnant and with SPD, and two children, and my partners cases) at the side of the road after offering to get a taxi if we could give him a number of a taxi firm.

My partner is now due in court for 6 points and a fine for no insurance and the police officer was kind enough to offer descretion with doing the same to me as I was aparently allowing someone to drive while uninsured.

On arriving home, I checked my emails, of which I had many from ecar all with different information and numbers. Which I can only presume is a result of was what was going on behind the scenes with their systems.

On logging back into their system I was now able to print off the document, but still getting odd errors and being taken to the wrong places on the site.

Im pretty web savvy and HTML my own websites to a semi-professional standard and use the internet alot, so I can reassure readers that this was not a human error.

I have tried calling the company, repeatedly but get cut off after going through a lengthy automated service at £1 per minute. They have had an email but have yet to make contact with me.

Then I searched reviews and discovered this company is as dodgy as they come. They appear to make errors, which you then have to pay to call to correct AND pay to edit the contract, they have not paid out as a result of claims, and are notorious for cancelling insurances while claiming they did not recieve documents.

The FOS just said ” yes, we know them well” and have started a complaint against them which will no doubt be put down to “computer error” or my error in using it and they will walk scott free

Please stay clear of this company. They are putting the public in danger, at risk of liabilty and criminal charges!


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