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May 28 2017

Classy Synonyms, Classy Antonyms #auto #mats

#classy auto

Word Origin & History

Example Sentences for classy

The high-toned and classy place showed few customers present.

“We’re laboring under some classy mistake,” he dryly signified.

If ghosts did ever appear, he felt that the Lodgings had a first-class claim to one; ghosts were “classy ,” he argued.

I don’t see where I’m going to come into this classy conversation.

But it is some classy order, all right, if you come to think of it; I guess I won’t commence to-day.

It’s on the home stretch the dark horse is to show up its classy form, eh?

There is nothing luxurious here; it is not classy or exclusive in the least.

But you’ll sure be a knock-out when that she-undertaker in there gets you rigged out in classy clothes.

And say, kid, he is some classy dresser—latest jewelry and black-and-white initials worked on his shirt-sleeves.

A little pretty and tasty no doubt; but very choice and classy —very genteel and high toned indeed.

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