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Jan 21 2018

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Claire s Application Careers

Claire s careersIf you love fashion and helping young women and teenage girls choose that extraordinary outfit for their first day at work or special date then a career at Claire s Stores is just a job for you. Starting back in the 1960s after merging with two Chicago fashion accessory retailers today Claire s locations are located here in the United States and globally.

With 34 countries having a Claire s store, the possibility of employment and job growth appear to be quite promising. To apply for jobs at Claire s you can go to the company website and view the many Claire s Career opportunities available. If you are looking for an exciting job where you actually can make a difference in a young woman s life, then a job at one of the well-known fashion stores might be something you could consider.

Claire s Careers

The hiring process at Claire s is a relatively simple one. Most applicants apply to Claire s Jobs either online or with a direct application from the store. After applying the manager at the store you are applying for, will review all applications and then call the prospective applicants on the phone that meet the criteria for an interview. The process from when you put in an application to hearing a callback could range anywhere between a few days to two weeks. There have been rare cases where it takes a few months. Best practice would be to follow up if it has been five business days or longer since you initially applied with a phone call to the store.

Questions varied during the interview process. Some included different possible scenarios that could occur while working to previous retail experience. Possible question types could be how you feel about ear piercing to how you would feel working alone in the store for example.

Many potential applicants often asked how old do you have to be to work at Claire s? The minimum age to be a store associate at Claire s is sixteen years old.

Claire s Job Descriptions

When reviewing the Claire s Careers page you will see there are both Entry-Level and management positions. If after reviewing the many job opportunities available, you see one which you wish to apply for you may want to click the link below for a printable application form. You may also go to the online application and fill out the form from here.

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Below is a list of some of the opportunities currently listed on the careers page. If you would like to see a complete list of openings check the careers page of the company website.

  • Customer Service
  • Part Time French Speaking Customer Service Vendor

If you have a knack for management and have the expertise to offer fellow employees then, a career in management might be something you want to pursue. Below is a list of some of the current management positions open. If you would like to see a complete list of the current management positions available check out the careers webpage.

  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Store Management Part-Time Rochester
  • Store Manager

Advice For Application Process

Apply Online Printable Application

Applying for a job online at Claire s is relatively easy. You can apply by going to the company website and click on the Claire s Careers section of the website. From here there are several options for you to choose from in stores, retail support and regional. Depending upon your skill set you want to view the different job responsibilities of each position listed to see which one would closely resemble your skill set and interests.

If you see a job description that you are interested in from here, you will click on the apply now button. On the next screen, you will be prompted to create a free account using your email address and password. You can upload your resume and cover letter from here. It is always a good idea to have an updated resume and cover letter as this will relay any relevant experience you have to the hiring manager and add a professional look to your application.

How to Apply for Claire s Online Claire s Application Download Application Form

Another neat thing about the application process here at Claire s is that you can create a saveable search list that will tell you when different positions appear for Claire s Jobs online. For example say the position you are interested in doesn t appear as of yet just click the create search agent button at the top of the job search results page. A box will open up allowing you to put in a keyword for the job you want to be informed about as well as how frequently you would like to be notified.

You may set it to tell you daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. Input your email and click save. Now whenever new positions open up for the job you are interested in you will be notified via email. Keep in mind though the website only allows you to have this setup after you initially created your search for 90 days. Once 90 days is up you would need to come back to the website and renew or change your search option attributes using the same method.

Store hours can vary from one location to the next. It is always a good idea to verify the hours at the local store where you are applying along with any special holiday schedules to make sure this would fit with your current schedule.

Job applicants who meet the criteria when applying for positions at Claire s are typically contacted within a few days to a week by the management for an interview. Most candidates go through two interviews. The first one is normally with the manager at a local store you are applying. There is a follow-up interview with the District Manager. Interviews take place on the phone and in person. Go to the Claire s website and download or print your free application today, and you could be a future Claire s employee.

When applying for any job you want to keep a few things in mind. It is always a best practice to have an updated resume and cover letter listing all your employment experience starting with your most recent employment and going back to your first job. Also, you may wish to list any relevant courses you might have taken that would make you a good fit for the job. For a job at Claire s, you might want to think of any sales or business courses you might have taken.

If you took a free course at your local community college best practice would be to put it down on your resume. List any references that would be willing to give you an excellent review. It is always a good idea to list supervisors or managers that you previously worked for and left on good terms. It would be wise to give them a call and ask verbal permission if you use them as a reference for Claire s as they possibly may get called.

After you find a job, you are interested in and applied for you might want to start practicing and preparing your presentation for your interview. Review the types of questions that management has asked other prospective employees. Some examples include how do you feel about working alone, how comfortable are you with ear piercing and what one of your good qualities are. Pick a few of these possible questions and write down your answers and practice reading them.

You could also do a role play with a friend or family member. Have them practice with you in person and on the telephone. This will give you an idea and a better grasp about both parts of the interview process. When you practice you get a better idea of what to expect. It is better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Once you are set up for an interview take a legal pad and write down some of your questions for management. Some of these may include inquiries about the salary, work schedules, potential benefits, part time vs. full time to name a few. It is always a good idea to walk into a job offer with all information readily at your fingertips so that you can make a more informed decision if you want the job or not.


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