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Jun 11 2017

Cheap Trips is a Scam, Review 5376 #gap #year #travel

#cheap trips

Cheap Trips is a Scam!

You’re not the only idiot. Not only did I buy a membership, I also fell for the misrepresented ‘Vacation Club’ package. I on the other hand cannot reach them by phone because they’re toll free numbers are not available in my area (Canada), which makes it impossible for me to book they’re services by phone.

Following is they’re refund policy.

My complaint with cheaptrips is this, for over a week I have received numerous phone calls asking for someone named Cherise. After the first couple of calls I politely told the man on the phone he had the wrong number, AGAIN, and I wanted to stop receiving calls for this unknown Cherise. He assured me my number would be removed from his list.

I thought it must be a credit company trying to hound this woman. I also thought that would be the end of it.

However the number of calls has increased. I tell every caller they have the wrong number. I don’t know Cherise. She cannot be reached at my number.

Earlier today I got another call, this time identifying the caller as being from CheapTrip. I didn’t even bother to speak, just hung up.

A few minutes ago the phone rang again and a man again asked for Cherise. I asked him who he represented and he said CheapTrip. I explained that I had been receiving calls for this Cherise person for at least a week and I was tired of it. I wanted them to stop calling my number.

The man then proceeded to argue with me that I was wrong, that it must be someone else who has been calling for Cherise, and that CheapTrip had never called my number. As though Cherise is such a common name that he and ALL the other callers, unconnected with Cheaptrip according to him, had coincidentally called MY number looking for someone with her name. Yea, right.

What I want to do now is to contact someone in their corporate office, if there is such a thing, so that I can register a complaint about this particular salesman. You don’t call total strangers and then accuse them of lying because they ask you not to call their number again. I’m fed up with trying to be polite with these people. I want to know how to get my number off their stupid list AND who I can complain to about this .

Can anyone help me with the current address/phone number. Or better yet is there an agency that handles consumer complaints like this?

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