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May 11 2018

Cheap Car Insurance in Sacramento – Compare Rates Today!

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California Car Insurance – Find Low Rates from $27!

Finding cheap Sacramento car insurance can be easier than you expect. Our website at allows you to take advantage of the work we have done. It makes it easy for you to choose cheap Sacramento car insurance. If you act now, you can save today. See the quote box at the top of the page? Enter the answers to a few questions. When you click go, your quotes appear in moments.

Sacramento Auto Insurance Average Quotes. You Can Save Up to $296 Per Year

Car insurance Sacramento residents purchase has an average cost of $1,501. Although that is 2% more costly the Sacramento County average, it is only $200 more than the average all California drivers pay for coverage.

How Insurance Providers Determine Sacramento Car Insurance Rates

A lot of different considerations go into determining what to charge for car insurance. Insurance providers use experience and complex calculations to set rates, which are based on risk. Of course, your driving record and age are basic things they consider. There are other factors that determine the rates charged in Sacramento. Major items considered include:

  • Location Big cities have a lot of drivers and a lot of cars. Insurance providers know that this increases the chances for accidents and damage claims. Additional claims mean they pay out more, so they charge more for coverage in big cities. Sacramento has a population of 466,488 as of 2010. The population density of 4,801 residents per square mile is high enough to make car insurance more expensive.
  • Driving To Work How far you have to drive to work every day is a factor in your insurance rates. Whether or not you drive in rush-hour traffic is also considered in setting your rates. Commute times in Sacramento average 20-25 minutes. Fatal accidents averaged 5 people per 100,000 in 2009.
  • Auto Thefts One major expense to auto insurers is covering the costs of auto theft. There are more thefts in big cities. Certain car models are also more prone to being stolen. If you own one of those models in a large city, your rates will reflect the costs in your coverage. Insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who add anti-theft devices to their cars. Auto thieves stole 3,335 cars in Sacramento in 2011.
  • Education A sometimes surprising cost factor in car insurance rates is the role of education. Insurance providers have found that risk decreases as educational levels increase with drivers and where they live. Bachelor degrees are held by 23% of Sacramento residents. This is above-average when compared to the entire state of California. However, just 20% of residents hold high school diplomas, a number under the state average.

Finding the car insurance Sacramento residents need can be easy and speedy with the right resources at your fingertips. Websites such as help you get an insurance quote based on your personal situation. Simply answer the few questions at the quote widget below. In no time, you will have the information you need to start saving money today.

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