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Jul 31 2017

Cheap California Auto Insurance – How to get it #auto #battery

#cheap auto insurance

Save up to $451 with Auto Insurance Quotes

Updated on: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just because you live in California does not mean that you have to pay high rates for everything. In fact, if you think and act smart, there are different ways in which you can ensure that you get cheap California auto insurance rates.


The best way to get cheap California auto insurance is to start with online car insurance quotes from us at You can then compare rates from different providers and easily make out which companies are offering cheaper auto insurance rates for your desired level of coverage.


There are some other ways also to make your auto insurance cheap. Cheap insurance in this case does not mean that it will be light in terms of quality – just easier on your pocket. Get your California car insurance quote online here at and see how much you can save once you incorporate the following tips.

Careful driving – You can reduce your insurance premiums if you maintain a good driving record.

‘Low-risk’ car – When you buy a car, get one which is considered ‘low-risk’ by California State Automobile insurance companies (cars which are stolen less or have lesser accidents) and will have low insurance premiums.

Anti-theft device – Having such a device in your car can help you get anti-theft discounts from some insurance providers. You can find these discounts when you get your car insurance quote at

Multi-vehicle/multi-line discount – You can use the same policy for all your cars, if you own more than one; or you can use the same provider for insuring more than one possession such as your car and your house. This helps get bulk discounts from insurance providers. See how much you can save right here on

Higher deductibles – A high deductible goes hand in hand with low insurance premium. So if you can afford to pay high deductible in case of an accident, you should choose the higher deductible and reduce your premium.

Where you live – Finding insurance companies that specialize in a servicing specific city or town could help you save. For example see the Los Angeles Car Insurance page.

Drop coverage – Removing coverage which doesn’t make sense can help to reduce premiums. For example, collision coverage may not be a sensible option on a really old car if your deductible is higher than the value of the car.

Annual policies – An annual policy can generate more savings than a monthly one and the rate cannot be changed during the period of the policy as well.

Online premium payments – Auto insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for online premium payments. You can check for these details when you get your quote from

Defensive driving – Attending defensive driving courses can result in discounts on insurance premium from some insurance providers. You can check your eligibility when you get your California car insurance quote online at

Good credit rating – Maintaining clean credit record is often a great way to get cheap California auto insurance.

Driver education – Teen drivers attending driver’s education classes can get discounts on auto insurance.

Specific criteria discounts – These are discounts that can you become eligible to receive on your insurance premium based on specific criteria. Some of these criteria are

  • age (insurance providers offer discounts for crossing different age thresholds)
  • mileage (if you do not drive very often and your car records low mileage, discounts are offered)
  • occupation (if you work in a specific field or have a specific qualification you may be eligible for discounts)
  • group (if you belong to a specific employment group, professional association, credit union, auto club or trade union – it can mean group discounts)

Internet discount – Most often the best and easiest way to get cheap California Car insurance is to get an insurance quote online. Check details of providers on to see which offers can help you save.

Additional Information

  • If you are not interested in saving on your insurance but would like more information see our California state automobile insurance FAQ page.

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