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May 29 2017

Car Computer Imperial Car Computer Exchange Complaints, Reviews, & Information #kragens #auto #parts

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Consumer reviews about Car Computer [Imperial Car Computer Exchange]

You get what you pay for – absolutely nothing!

I purchased a PCM from Computer Car Exchange due to my vehicle throwing a scan code indicating internal computer malfunction .

According to a vehicle website blog once you get this error you can only delete it 6 times and then the vehicle won t start and you won t get a MIL.

Bruce with Computer Car Exchange seemed to ask all the right questions when I was ordering; VIN, mileage, OEM part number, etc.

Got the computer in a timely manner and was looking forward to getting the vehicle back on the road and The Boss off my back for having to use her car while mine was down.

Now keep in mind C.C.E. promotes their product as plug and play . I plugged. It didn t play. Followed the instructions included with the part to the letter. Vehicle would turn over but wouldn t start.

A slip in the box that came with the part stated in bold letters; YOU MUST RETURN YOUR CORE TO US WITHIN 7 DAYS OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED $125.00 Their website warranty information states you have 14 days to return your core.

Assuming something else was wrong with the vehicle I took it to a dealer for diagnosis. They called and said they got the vehicle started but it wouldn t stay running. The service contact stated the had every technician in the shop under the hood but all signs pointed to the PCM. Incidentally, when it stopped running it erased all trouble codes so they couldn t even scan it to see what was going on. I agreed to have them replace it after being told they tried to re-flash the computer in it and had no luck solving the problem. The bill was north of $1,150.00 with all the diagnostic time they had into it. They agreed to settle for 1 large.

I contacted C.C.E. to see if they would work with me. Fat chance. They told me that due to the fact the dealer had tried to re-flash what they sent me it voided the warranty ( as stated on the label on the PCM ). The label stated the warranty was void if you opened the PCM not if you tried to make it work. They also stated that had I called them they could have told me what to do.

Now admittedly I didn t call. However, there was no information to direct me to do that. And my belief was that they sent me a working computer so there must have been something else wrong with the vehicle. I m struggling trying to figure out how they could have helped me over the phone when it was clear that the PCM they sent was defective.

BOTTOM LINE: If you computer goes out don t buy from these clowns or anyone else on the internet. They make big promises and have excuses for their product not working, but they really don t have the capability to give you what you need. So long to the $200.00+ I paid them for a working part in addition to what I paid the dealer. But then again according to C.C.E. it s all MY fault.

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