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Jun 11 2017

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Canada trip reviews

Ron Roberts

This is a great opportunity to meet others who have a similar interest in the outdoor life style activities. We camped in tents and walked up superb mountains around pristine lakes and just relaxed around a camp fire and laughed and chatted with a nice cold beer or wine in the evening. Tiz the life.

Best time to visit Canada

Culture and customs

Anyone who has been to Canada will know that the Canadian stereotype is actually quite accurate. Well known for being welcoming, friendly, funny, hockey-mad, adventure-loving, sports enthusiasts, Canadians generally do a good job of living up to their reputation.

Large cities like Vancouver are a cultural melting pot of nationalities, and attitudes towards different ways of life are generally quite liberal. This can be seen in the variety of cuisines, shops and people that populate the city.

Known for loving the outdoors and enjoying adventure, both city-dwelling and rural-living Canadians typically remain active with hiking, cycling, canoeing and snow boarding all popular past times, no matter where they live.

The Eastern side of Canada has a decidedly different quality to the West Coast, and retains much of its colonial heritage with the French language being widely spoken and French-influenced food and music being popular.

Canada is also home to native people, with the people of the First Nations and the Inuit in the north calling Canada home. Like many indigenous people and tribes around the world, the people of the First Nations have an ongoing struggle in retaining and protecting their customs and heritage. Modern influences have had a negative impact on their culture and lifestyle, yet despite this, many still actively live and promote a traditional way of life, through the making of tribal music, handicrafts, art and clothing.

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Eating and drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating! Whether you re sampling street food, savouring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

Things to try in Canada

1. Poutine

French fries topped with a gloriously messy mix of gravy and cheese curds may not be for everyone, but Poutine is a true Canadian classic… and the perfect hangover cure!

2. Seafood

If visiting the West Coast, Vancouver is known for having one of the best restaurant scenes in the world, and seafood is almost always on the menu. Feast on a fresh seafood banquet, try some inventive fusion-cuisine or grab some sushi for a quick bite.

Over the last few years, microbreweries have been popping up all over Canada. Whether you visit a microbrewery that brews chocolate-flavoured beer or eat at a restaurant that has a local beer menu, a Canadian boutique beer is worth trying.

4. Maple Syrup

It comes as no surprise that maple syrup is popular in Canada! So be sure to dose up your pancakes with loads of the stuff… and include a side of bacon too, as the locals do.

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