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Jul 31 2017

Calncall – VoIP Singapore, cloud pbx, hosted pbx, voip phone singapore, sip trunk singaporeCalncall #singapore


Case 1 It is suitable for simple office setup. Call-A-Cloud offers DID numbers, users can have virtual extensions, so users can call between the extensions for free of cost. Call-A-Cloud provides fax numbers as well. Call-A-Cloud offers soft-phone clients for android, I-Phone and Windows system.

Case 2. Unlike case 1 it is suitable if you have offices in two different locations. With calacloudl one can have as many number of virtual extensions as they want since it works in a hosted environment, all the extensions are interlinked. It allows users to call between the extensions even if they are at different locations.

Case 3: For those users who like to work from home, they can configure the Call-A-Cloud account on their smartphones, IP phones or on their desktops and can work from home. Call-A-Cloud also has a FAX facility for home use. With the Call-A-Cloud it is easy for users to continue their daily duties from anywhere around this world.

SIP Controls

communication sessions Voice and Video Calls over Internet Protocol (IP)

Cloud PBX

communication sessions Voice and Video Calls over Internet Protocol (IP)

Desktop SIP clients

For MAC and Windows, HD audio and video quality

Rich Communication Suite

Complete clients and server ecosystem

Easiest IP Phone System

Azkosia offers the worlds most lightweight and affordable PBX Software

Increase Mobility & Productivity

Make & Receive Office Calls from Anywhere. Available for Android & IPhone

Mobile VoIP

Outstanding user experience design, for all platforms

Why CalnCall?

Complete VoIP Solution

CalnCall is a leading IT Telecom service provider in Singapore operated under cal4care Pte Ltd. calncall has the SBO (individual) license to operate in Singapore and VOIP telephony license in Malaysia. We are certified providers of IP-PBX systems from leading brands. As a software developer, we have mobile VoIP apps for all the platforms(Windows, android, Mac) using which businesses can make mobile phone calls over the internet.

» Reliable products and services
» Enhanced online accessibility
» Independent network infrastructure
» Advanced voice and data communication capabilities
» Excellent technical support

We source products from some of the country’s and world’s leading brands. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in robust telecommunication solutions that deliver your investment’s worth of benefits. Our managed services deliver an ‘always-on’ infrastructure and 24x7x365 access to experts to perform day-to-day administrative and maintenance tasks with zero hassles. Drop us a line if you have any questions about our products or services. We look forward to assisting you.

Our Happy Customers

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