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Dec 23 2017

Business Intelligence Software Comparison

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Welcome to! We’re here to help you find the BEST Business Intelligence Software for your company. Our compare tools can help you find a vendor that provides a BI Software that will help your business succeed.

Whether you’re investing in Business Intelligence Software for the first time or you are interested in updating to a new model, we can help! In an effort to simplify the process of finding a BI Solution, we’ve done the hunting and gathering for you. So don’t sweat! We’re here to bring you a few steps closer to finding a business intelligence system that fits all of your broad and specific needs.

Our goal is to help enterprises looking for BI software solutions find a vendor that offers the feature-rich software that will help run their businesses more efficiently. Our compare vendor function allows you to compare up to three BI software providers at a time across a variety of business critical criteria.

And in case you’re looking for more conclusive information on Business Intelligence Software Vendors, we also have a list of BI Vendor Profiles that cover the key players in the Business Intelligence industry. We also publish Business Intelligence related articles that cover everything from the basics of BI software to more specific articles on whether your company can benefit from open source business intelligence software.

Finally, the icing on the cake is our popular Top 10 Business Intelligence Software Report that is available to download from the site for FREE! The report is written by a team of IT analysts and delivers invaluable research on the Top 10 Business Intelligence Vendors on the market. Get your copy today!

Large stores of information can be easily accessed and displayed in a visual format with Tableau. Information overlays make relationships easier to understand and summaries can be designed with quickness in a format that is readily understandable. Graphics created with the simple to use drag & click format can be published to the website. Interactive features give site visitors the ability to have specific questions answered and will keep them browsing longer.

Cognos Business Intelligence empowers your company to use their greatest asset, data, accessing virtually any data source and providing detailed, understandable views of the data to all users. In doing this companies are given the resources they need to make stronger, profitable business decisions in real-time, without having to sift through loads of unorganized information.

Information Builders’ customers include most of the Fortune 100 and U.S. federal government agencies. Headquartered in New York City with 90 offices worldwide, the company employs 1,600 people and has more than 350 business partners. The company’s’ award-winning combination of business intelligence and enterprise integration software has provided innovative solutions to over 12,000 customers for the past 30 years.

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